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This post is part of the #AtoZ April Blogging Challenge. It’s my second time and this year I’m going with micro-poetry—it’s a form that I’m going to be exploring through April and hopefully, beyond. My focus here is to play upon the myriad moods and emotions of life through these varying short forms.

Today’s post stands for the letter ‘N’ and is titled:


I missed posting yesterday, so here goes my post, a day late! I know I’ve been lagging in keeping my promise to catch up with all your lovely posts, so will be doing the needful over the next few days.

Once again, my heartfelt love and gratitude to each one of you stopping by the blog and sharing the blog love. Your presence means a lot to me. So, thank you once again!



This post is part of the AtoZ April Blogging Challenge 2023, where people blog from April 1st to 30th except for the Sundays (sole exception being the 30th.) Click here to read more about it and to know more about the other blogs participating in the challenge this year.

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  1. Living in the present is what we should be doing but we spend our time either procrastinating with the future or regretting over the past. Great sentiments captured here Esha. Glad to see you still at it.

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