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This post is part of the #AtoZ April Blogging Challenge. It’s my second time and this year I’m going with micro-poetry—it’s a form that I’m going to be exploring through April and hopefully, beyond. My focus here is to play upon the myriad moods and emotions of life through these varying short forms.

Today’s post stands for the letter ‘K’ and is titled:


I’m sharing another Haiku today. Short and sweet and saves me time especially on a day when I’ve been rushing about for most part of the day. But, I’m glad I have something to post, which means I’m still here. 🙂 As always, I do appreciate your feedback. It’s time to put my feet up for a bit and get to read all your amazing posts from the last couple of days, while savouring my evening tea ! I’m going easy on myself, folks, but I promise I’ll definitely stop by and visit every one who is on my list. The idea of doing something is to be consistent and I’m trying my best to do just that, with this challenge.



This post is part of the AtoZ April Blogging Challenge 2023, where people blog from April 1st to 30th except for the Sundays (sole exception being the 30th.) Click here to read more about it and to know more about the other blogs participating in the challenge this year.

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  1. I remember one rakshabandhan I especially drove down to a suburb in West Delhi to climb on a friend’s colony terrace and watch the skies as the kite flying began. I have never seen so many kites in the sky at one time and it was just so spectacular. This poem reminded me of that moment today.

  2. I actually really love watching kite flying. I have seen some incredibly elaborate and beautiful ones.

    I’m loving the April Blogging from #AtoZChallenge 2023.
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