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So, you’re wondering— who am I?

Well, I’m many things rolled into one— mom, wife, once a teacher, then a trainer, yes, a management consultant as well and, now, if I may so, a content writer, a facilitator and a storyteller! So, you see, I wear many hats, and some fit me just right and some, where I’m trying to fit myself in, because I love to venture into things that are new to me, so I’m constantly on the go and ready to explore new avenues. Sounds exciting? Read on, there’s more to me that you may not know yet!

Having had the privilege of growing up in many different cities across the country (India) I grew up to experience a wide variety of cultural influences and differences that shaped my sensibilities. As a result, I came to gather within myself an amalgamation of thoughts, ideas and elements that has come to define my personality and in many ways, also shapes my writing makes me the person that I am.

There are many influences that drive my writing, but life, probably, remains the foremost amongst them. I started on this blogging journey one winter morning in 2014 to give vent to my feelings as I sat recuperating from a surgery that had left me in acute pain for months from which I found no respite, save for keeping myself busy and forgetting what ailed me. Fortunately, for me, the act of writing became intensely therapeutic and I got hooked onto the act of pouring out my angst and thoughts and bleeding myself on paper (or rather, the screen).

Writing has helped me find peace within myself even when chaos reigns supreme in the external world. More than anything, writing helps me connect with my inner self and that connection is now a way of life that I depend upon to sustain myself in the face of the roller coaster rides of life.

So, that sums up everything about me. I’m a freelance content writer and blogger, currently based in Bangalore, where I live with my teenager, Arjyo and my better-half, Jay. 

Thank you so very much for stopping by the blog, today! You know, all you now need to do is to grab a comfy chair, sit back and relax—welcome to my world of thoughts, introspections, reflections and memories.

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