Who am I?

I’m many things rolled into one – mom, wife, teacher, trainer, management consultant and, if I may so, a writer!

Having had the privilege of spending my growing up years under varying cultural influences in different parts of the country, I believe I’ve been carrying a mixture of varying elements within me that continues to define my personality and influence my writing and shape my sensibilities as an individual and a writer.

Of the many interests, travel has been one of the key influences that drives most of my writing. I started on this journey one winter morning to give vent to my feelings but somewhere along the way, the act of writing has become intensely therapeutic as well.  With time, I found that it not only helped me unwind and de-stress, but it also helped me find peace within myself even when chaos has reigned supreme in the external world.

More than anything, writing helps me connect with my inner self in a way that nothing else does. A passion, that has now become a way of life for me!

So, that’s all about me. I’m currently based in Bangalore, where I also run an independent training and management consultancy, working flexible hours, when not grabbing sunset captures actoss the horizon. 

Through this blog, I am trying to document my journey of thoughts on life, travels, reflections and memories.

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