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Hello and welcome! 

While you’re here, you must be curious to know the person behind the blog. Well, here goes—

I’m a management consultant by profession who has been a late entrant into this magical world of writing and blogging. I’ve also been a teacher, a trainer, a facilitator, a presenter and a storyteller at different times, so you see, I’ve had an amazing opportunity to wear many different hats, while I’ve ventured into a multitude of things, learning and experimenting on the go, eager to share my experiences, reflections and learnings. 

Having lived in many different cities while growing up, I’ve been exposed to a variety of cultural influences that has shaped my thoughts and sensibilities. The amalgamation of these varying influences have left a definitive impact upon my personality and in many ways, has also shaped my journey as a writer.

I started on this blogging journey, one sultry winter morning in 2014, primarily to give vent to my inner turmoil and overwhelm that had held me in its grips, whilst I was recuperating from surgery. Writing became a means to release my stress, gave shape to my creative outpouring and over time, became my therapy. As I poured my angst on the screen, I realised there was so much more to the creative mind that had been waiting for a release, far longer than I would have ever admitted to myself.

Writing became my obsession and my medicine and the one thing that began to motivate me to look within and around me, to connect, to inspire and to share. Over the years, writing has helped me connect to my inner being, find peace within my soul, despite the chaos of the outer world. 

Currently, as a freelance content writer and editor, I am based out of Bangalore, (the Silicon Valley of India), where I live with my teenage son, Arjyo and my very talented better-half, Jay. 

Thank you very much, dear reader, for taking the time to stop by the blog, today! Please make yourself comfortable, sit back, relax and read. And if you like my work, or any blog post, in particular, do share feedback in the comments below. (We bloggers thrive on the wonderful comments of our readers, you see! 🙂 

Welcome to my world of thoughts, introspections, reflections and memories.

9 thoughts

  1. Looking forward to read ur stories Esha . ☺️
    I’m a person who loves writing down anything that touches my heart .. not yet started a blog though . Just penned it on fb to share with close friends . Do read when u find the time .
    Lovely getting to know you .. thanks to Ruma .

    1. Thank you so much, Anuradha! So good to connect with you here. I’m really delighted to know you too love writing. For me, it’s been a passion and a wonderful release, penning down thoughts, memories, stories and the likes. Would love to read your writings too. Now that we are connected on FB, will check out your writings here. How’s your health transformation journey progressed, so far? So lovely to be in touch, Anuradha.

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