Glimpses of Glorious Blue Skies – SkywatchFriday | Week 10

“The sky is the limit. You never have the same experience twice.”   

—Frank McCourt

I’ve had a rough week myself but, I realised the morning walks that I took under the open sky, were some of my most liberating moments. It is in these moments that I could catch my breath, breathe deeply, soak in all the green that my eyes could lay upon, listen to some of the best and most inspiring words of wisdom and courage and resilience and I could see myself emerge better and stronger. I know I’ve said this before, but, if at any time, you’re struggling with a difficult task, try taking a break and gazing at the sky for inspiration.

On that note, I wish you all a blessed and relaxed weekend! May you continue to do the things that bring you happiness and peace within! Not to mention self-compassion and reminding yourself that you ARE enough!

Love and gratitude to everyone stopping by the blog today. ❤️🌸


Linking this to #SkywatchFriday, where you will find some amazing sky photographs from all over the world.

To view my complete sky photograph collection, please click here.


6 thoughts

  1. These are stunning pictures! I turned to look out of my window to gaze at the sky when I read this. It sure is extremely calming to stare endlessly at the far skies.

  2. Taking a break in nature is probably the best way to relax and quiten the mind. The sky looks so bright and beautiful. In the third one, it looks like the clouds are about to make a whirlpool

  3. I always love your sky pictures, Esha. And your words do justice in describing not just the skies, but also how they are an inspiration to lost souls like us.
    Have a lovely, peaceful and relaxing weekend, my dear.

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