Upon A Blissful Rainy Afternoon

It took me some time to realise that the light in the room was gradually diminishing and I could feel a strain in my eyes as I was trying to finish the story that had kept me hooked for the past one hour. The high rises that stood at the other end of the lake kept fading away in the distance. When I finally lifted my eyes away from the book and turned towards the windows, I could see the rain tearing through the vast terrain almost like a sheet of white spray. Nothing was visible anymore. And yet, something kept me glued to the view.

I sat and watched the rain, like someone who has nothing better to do. Of course, I could have gone for a power nap, as I do on most weekend afternoons, but today, for some reason I was contented, sitting by the window, simply watching the rain, with no specific agenda or thought in mind.

Just being in the moment.

A passing thought nudged me to pick up my pen and make a quick note of a few ideas that had been playing upon my mind all morning. It was beautiful outside and while I knew I could make a dash for my pen and notepad, I refrained from moving at all. I pulled myself back into the view before me.

Some days are meant to be like that. We need to pause and soak in the views…or mull over our thoughts as they come floating into our conscious minds. Those are the days when we’re meant to stop and reflect on things that are keeping us busy from one day to the other. And, if we feel brave enough – perhaps, even ponder over our raison d’être!

Or maybe not. Maybe, some days are just meant to be, and not really delve into the million things that cross our minds demanding our attention.

I was glad that I had managed to pull the reign on my passing thoughts for a little while, as I sat watching the rain today. It felt truly therapeutic to lose myself in the grey skies, savouring the silence of a quiet afternoon, letting the unhurried pace of the day permeate into every nook and crevice of my mind and soul.

In that state of being when one feels neither happiness nor pain, everything seems blissful. And so I felt – the very same bliss that comes from my morning meditation. And equally well from my writing practice.

As I type this post, my heart swells with gratitude towards the Universe for these countless little moments that make me cherish life.

What would we or our lives be without these moments, I wonder!


Written as part of our #SoulfulSunday free writing exercise, along with my friends, Vinitha and Shilpa.

3 thoughts

  1. Watching the rains and finding bliss in those moments….its indeed a blessing to be able to feel that! I like watching the birds early morning. The way they fly from here to there, going about their business, looking for food for their little ones. That’s what gives me those precious few minutes to appreciate life around me, give my mind some time to relax and give my heart something to feel good about.
    Aren’t we lucky to be able to feel this way about nature!? 🙂

  2. Watching the rain from the comfort of the home feels relaxing. How interestingly listening to the music of the rain drops falling aids us in listening deeply to our inner music. We are the lucky ones who enjoy the rains as much as we cherish the sunshine. This is a reminder for me to pull up the chair in the balcony today when it rains, do nothing else except just watch the rain. I am sure God will bless us with rain today also as he/she does everyday 😊

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