The Quest

The crown prince looked weary as he finally mustered the courage to ask the monk, who sat in a trance,

“Master, I have been waiting for your answer.”


Having waited all day, he appeared anxious. Yaduveer wished to travel the seven seas and cross uncharted territories, but his father insisted that he settle down and accept his responsibilities.

The rift between them had forced him to seek the wisdom of his guruย – his revered Master. Time was slipping by, but the monk was silent.

Then, as Yaduveer turned to leave, he finally spoke,

“I was only testing your persistence, Yaduveer! The answer is simple: If you stay, you will know everything about something, like the frog in a well, but your knowledge will be limited. But travelling will teach you something about everything.”

“When you share your experiences with others, they will understandย you better. Remember, it often takes parallels between different areas to create new ideas.”

Yaduveer smiled. He had his answer.

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