With a grateful heart

(Every year, on the fifth day of September, we celebrate the birthday of one of our greatest teachers, Dr Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan as Teachers Day. For me, personally, this is a time when I fondly recall my teachers and feel a deep sense of gratitude for their influence on my life as I continue to discover my own journey and what it means to be grateful as a student and an individual after all these years! A post that is dedicated to all those who taught me, in the confines of the classrooms and beyond)


I dedicate this day to my very first teachers, my parents, who taught me my first alphabets and many life lessons over the years, and without whose love, care and blessings, I wouldn’t be where I am today!

I dedicate this day to my teachers at school, which included some wonderful people, some like Miss Dolla, Sister Ivy, Miss Emorin, Mrs Raghavan, Miss Kalpana, Mrs Zibbu, from whom I learnt enormously, and later at college, especially my English Honours teachers Mrs Anuradha Banerjee and Mrs Bandana Mukherjee who were masters of diction, accent and a veritable treasure house of knowledge that covered the vast expanse of English Literature, and needless to say, with a power to influence that was well beyond the ambit of their roles as lecturers.

I also dedicate this to the many many people who happened to come my way, as I came into my own, making decisions, some wrong and some right ones, while  I continued to learn and grow over the years; through the interactions that I had with them, which were sometimes pleasant, and at other times, not so pleasant; sometimes, folks who were familiar and sometimes, strangers who became friends later – each individual taught me some invaluable lessons that a sheltered life would never have shown otherwise.


I  dedicate this day to everyone who has taught me to make a meaningful place for myself in this world…

A Happy Teachers Day…

…with gratitude, love and a promise that I will continue to stay on the path that you have shown me and do my best to pass on the life lessons, the wisdom and the light to those who need them the most!

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