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In the midst of so much negativity, there will always be stories of hope and inspiration that reinstate our faith in mankind and make us believe that the world still has a lot of good samaritans who are quietly toiling away in the hope of making the world a better place to live in.  In a recent article I read, I came across the inspiring story of a doctor who lives and works in one of the most backward regions of the State of Odisha, and today, this is the story that I’d like to share with you.

This good Samaritan named Dr Chittaranjan Jena, is based in Dasmantpur, works with his team of medical practitioners to bring about the much-needed qualitative change in the lives of villagers who suffer from poverty, poor health, sanitation, malnutrition, illiteracy and unemployment.

Over the past two years, Dr Jena and his team of medical practitioners have been providing healthcare, by walking long distances on foot, sometimes covering even 3 to 4 km to reach remote areas, where villagers cannot afford to buy food, let alone head to the towns and cities for medical attention.

Not just that, Dr Jena also set up a committee aptly named, ‘Gaonku Chala Committee,’ (which literally means—’let’s go to the villages’), that has been working closely with the people to spread awareness on health and hygiene, (e’g., such as the usage of mosquito nets and washing hands regularly with soap etc), immunisations, conducting routine health check-ups, distributing free medicines to the needy, and even counselling the villagers on alcoholism and child marriage. Since the initiative has shown some encouraging results, Dr Jena’s team has now taken a pledge, along with the people, to also commit to the cause of the ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’.

Dr Jena and his team make it a point to visit one village every week, out of a total of 12 villages. They do this after their regular work hours at the primary health centre at Dasmantpur, where they spread awareness about the importance of cleanliness and sanitation and emphasise the need for safe drinking water in schools. Recently, the team have adopted yet another initiative, named Swasthya Sahayaka Bahini (SSB), whereby villagers are given the responsibility to report any health issues which arise in their area, to the concerned medical authorities or even government medical officers so that timely and necessary action can be provided and precious lives saved.

Dr Jena’s efforts might seem like a drop in the ocean but as they, every drop counts. Every single life saved can make a difference. Today, the initiatives led by the Gaonku Chala Committee are being slowly recognised and even celebrated by the local media. Dr Jena’s efforts are seen to have created a tremendous impact upon the living conditions for the impoverished tribal communities in the Dasmantpur block. We wish Dr Jena more power to overcome the obstacles and continue the good work that he has been doing for the people.

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  1. It’s funny how doctors enjoy such a respected and revered position in some societies while in others they are reviled as blood suckers and opportunists. Thank God for people like Dr. Jena who go beyond their stethoscope.

  2. We need more doctors like him, I wish he gets the extra support and help as well. Thank you for sharing his story. A doctor who is really a god for many.

  3. What a lovely story of hope and inspiration and one that touches so many lives without anything in return. So good that there are such people in the world. Thanks Esha for bringing Dr Jena’s work to light.

  4. Stories like these really do restore your faith in humanity. It’s heartening to hear of doctors going out of their way to look after the marginalised population in our country. And you’re right – every drop in the ocean matters.

  5. We need so many more such Dr. Jenas. The number of villages and villagers whose lives need to be transformed is high in our country. I just hope many more people get inspired to follow in Dr. Jena’s footsteps and make a difference in the lives of the people, who usually get neglected.

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