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It is Day 1 of the Write Tribe Festival of Words and I’m bringing you a poem, a free verse, more like, which brings with it the pain, the tears, a lot of heartaches but most of all, the steely resolve of a woman who is breaking up with someone she has loved, to go on a date with her destiny. Do you think she’ll make it? Will it work for her? Most of all—will she survive it or will she not?

Yes, questions galore, but only the future will answer them for her. What we do know is the fact that she is on a path that she has set for herself and that she is not looking back, no matter how much the past is tugging to her emotions. 

Forgive Me 

You say it’s tough
To make me understand,
I’d say, don’t even try
‘Cause I cannot pretend.
Your words do hurt.
How could you fail
To feel my pain and comprehend?
Just how much it meant,
this yearning to be,

For a name, a face, an identity!

I gave you the best years of my life,

and today, this is what I surmise,
I need to go, I must walk away,
To meet myself, half across the way,
Beyond this chasm, this divide—
Between your expectations and my life.
Ask me not to watch you go,
I am done with that, and you very well know.
My eyes are fixed at the road ahead,
I’m meeting my dreams, and the stage is set.
Mistakes do happen, I do not deny,
Won’t blame the situation, to defy,
What’s gone, has gone,
What’s broken, won’t fix
I had to do this, forgive me, please!I know it’s hard but the way, I see,
We can only move forward,

And let things be.
I must leave now—as you leave me,
For I have a rendezvous with destiny!
© Esha Mookerjee Dutta March 4, 2019. Bangalore

I’m Writing Bravely for the Write Tribe Festival of Words – March 2019.

Prompt for Day 1 – ‘FORGIVE’.
#writebravely #celebratewritetribe



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40 thoughts

  1. I must ask, did you write this about me, Esha? It sounds so. I am mostly familiar with the tug of war of emotions. But it’s so hard to let go and choose the other path. Time will tell, surely. I love the woman’s determination here. Inspiring. You sure know how to express your words, my dear! <3

    1. Oh, well. if it applies to you, then I’m not terribly off the mark, Vinitha! 🙂
      So glad you think the woman’s determination is inspiring. Thank you so much fr sharing your thoughts here, Vinitha.

  2. It is beautiful, full of positivity, hope and promise. Going by what everyone has said in the above comments, it looks like everyone is rooting for this girl to walk away because she wants to, has to. And, they are right in doing so. But, staying true to my unique voice which never agrees with the popular mindset, I have to say it will not be easy leaving people and things behind even though it feels all wrong to stay. To ask for forgiveness is one thing but to be forgiven is a whole separate theory. It will take a Miracle to dispel all the resulting negativity so as to aid the girl in her dreams.
    The next word prompt Miracle is appropriate to follow the first prompt Forgive. I will come back to later to read your take on Miracle 🙂

    1. Such decisions are never easy, Anamika and very often, end up disturbing our peace of mind too even when we are contemplating them. But, some difficult decisions are needed to help us reach for our dreams. My take on the word prompt, miracle was a very different one. Did you find the time to read it, Anamika?

  3. There was I time when I believed in relationships ‘for life’, Esha. Now I know this is simplistic. We can move on with grace and dignity, to follow the yearning of our hearts, and we must! Hugs.

    1. True that, Corinne! Some difficult decisions taken in time actually help us change the course of our lives, don’t you think? Thanks for sharing your thoughts here. Hugs right back.

    1. It does take a lot of courage to break away but am hoping she will find herself at the end of that difficult decision, so it might actually be worth taking, after all!

  4. A hard to make decision, no doubt, but it’s best if she just leaves, for her own good, for her peace of mind and her self respect. The one fact is people are not going to be by our side always. And, when you know that whatever happened has been a mistake, the best way to rectify it is to walk away and build your own world, be the reason of your happiness!

    Did I say a bit too much, Esha? But, that’s what I see happening all over, and I feel it’s best to make a life for oneself than expect things from someone one isn’t destined to be with.

    By the way, this was amazingggggg!! AApke charan kahaan hain, Esha ji???


    1. Thank you my dear Shilpa for tis heartfelt, wonderful response! Your comment simply made my day! Ab kya kahoon…itni tareef kar di toone!!! Love you, dear! <3

    1. You said it, Suzy. It is hard, but what must be done has got to be done. It might change the course of her destiny, who knows! Thank you so much for your lovely words.

  5. I said it that day, I’m saying it now again. I love the grit, power and determined voice of this young girl. May the force be with her!

    Thanks for these evocative lines Esha. They touched my soul.

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely words, Natz! So happy to know you liked it. 🙂

  6. Life has to move on. There could be a few pauses but there shouldn’t be a stop. We have let go our past. By holding on to it is not going to help us in any way.
    #writebravely #celebratewritetribe

  7. Absolutely, letting go of the past and moving ahead is the only way, it isnt easy, though. But it has to be done for that amazing rendezvous with the destiny. Loved this expression, Esha!

  8. Its never too late if one takes the steps in the direction of dreams. The steely resolve of the soul whose heart is still bleeding is portrayed so well Esha.

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