One Step in time

Today, I am writing about something very personal in response to a wonderful prompt that Corinne Rodrigues suggested in her #100 Words on Saturday prompt ona time you gave someone good advice about writing and/or blogging.’

For a change, I’d like to tell you the other side of the story, i.e., about receiving good advice from a friend called Sima that set me on a journey of self-discovery a couple of months ago, one that I shall always remain ever indebted for.

One Step in Time…


It was Sima who got her started on that incredibly magical journey, one fine day. Facebook had brought them together after 29 years and a humble suggestion from Sima became instrumental in setting her on the journey of a lifetime, into writing and blogging. Sima mentioned that she must write again like before, that her voice must reach out to many more.  She thought it over.

Months went by. SoulTalk was born. A little unsure, she picked up the phone. Sima’s wonderful words of appreciation had just nailed it. Unbelievable!

The fact that Sima believed in her, made all the difference and she felt that she owed it to her, to be the very first reader of her blog before she made it public.

“Yes”, she replied, happily, “Thanks to you, here I mark, one step in time!


9 thoughts

    1. Thank you so much Ravish. We are all in need of an inspiration aren’t we? Even one genuine reader can work wonders.

      A great day ahead to you too 🙂

  1. It’s always nice to have someone believe in your potential isn’t it? Good Lukc on your writing journey

    1. Yes, Corinne…even one genuine reader can make so much of a difference, more so when that person happens to be a good friend 🙂

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