Easy does it!

An oft-quoted expression goes -“Angels can fly because they can take themselves lightly” – which also happens to be one of the most striking paradoxes of creative living.

This phrase is a gentle reminder that we can drop an awful lot of our excess baggage if we change our mindset, and instead of fighting our destinies, take life as it comes, albeit with a pinch of humour – ‘lightly’ obviously referring to things light in weight, that makes gliding through troubles a lot easier!


When facing misfortunes, what if we just accepted them without letting them weigh us down? What, if we could treat an event as something inevitable, and move on?

Life would be definitely easier if we could see the flip side of things and lightened up once in a while – perhaps a tiny change in us could make us move within that landscape mindfully.

This post was written for #100 Words on Saturday #2 with a prompt suggested by Corinne Rodrigues of writetribe.com, on a well-known quote: 

Angels can fly because they take themselves so lightly.  -G.K. Chesterton



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