International Blog Delurking Week – 2022

It feels surreal to even imagine that we left 2021 behind us! Finally, yes!! 

And it feels like a relief, in so many ways. I’d rather not look back at what all we endured in the past one year and more. 

Plenty of lessons later, here we are, on the first week of another new year in 2022, with renewed hope and enthusiasm. As I was mulling about what to write as my very first post of 2022, my friend Parul messaged, giving me a heads up about the International Blog Delurking Week of 2022 that she hosts on her lovely blog. I didn’t think twice. Jumped in right away. 🙂

If you are new here, this is something we bloggers put up every year, during the first week of January, inviting readers not just to lurk around (as some lovely readers are prone to do!) but leave a quick note with a hello, sharing a little about who they are and if one happens to be a blogger, a little more about their blogs too (in case it’s the first time).

It helps us to get to know each other a little more and well, make new friends too! 

So, are you game?

A brief intro about me and this space—Mysoultalks isn’t just my blog—in fact, it’s my happy place, which was accidentally born in the winter of 2014 and it has been a tremendously fulfilling journey being on the blogosphere, writing, learning, sharing ideas, joining blog hops, feeling the vibes from like-minded folks, some amazing bloggers turned friends, who’ve taught me (and still continue to teach) so much about life and everything under the sun! 

Whilst I must admit that I miss many of the wonderful writing challenges and those regular interactions with the blogging community that used to be a thing in the earlier days of blogging, I’ve not had the heart to quit this space, and so I still blog once a week (at the very least) and have somehow persisted, despite the odds that keep surfacing every now and then, over the past two years of the pandemic. If anything, blogging has kept me going through the roller coaster rides and I’m only deeply grateful to the Universe for that.

Enough about myself. I’d love to hear about YOU now. And how did you happen to stop by, here, today? I’m curious.. and all ears.

I’d love it if you share a little about yourself, your plans for the year and what brought you here. I promise to visit you back, if you leave a link as well. Who knows, this could be the beginning of another beautiful journey for us, right? 

On that note, I wish you a beautiful, happy and promising 2022! Stay safe, and stay strong and come what may, never give up on yourself.

With much love and hugs and tons of positive vibes from me to you~


6 thoughts

  1. Almost never a lurker here, Esha. I love your gentle presence and voice, and I’m so glad you’ve persevered and continue to write. Too many good bloggers have stopped writing – glad you’re not one of them!

  2. As you know, I never lurk in your space. Rather, I use your comment section as if my second blog by typing out all those rambling thoughts that take up space in my heart. I may or may not have bored you with my rants, but rest assured, I will be continuing such actions this year as well. I am glad that you haven’t given up on blogging, Esha. May you write and post a hundred times more in 2022. 🙂

  3. I am not a lurker and have met you in person. Happy to know that you continue to blog diligently. Nice to have met you in this digital space Esha. Hope all is well. A very happy new year to you and all at home.

  4. Never a lurker here, Esha. I love your blog and it’s my happy place too 🙂 You and I are in the same boat of not having the heart to give up on the blog and we won’t <3
    Let's change things a bit in 2022 and write more 🙂 Love and hugs!
    Thanks for joining! A very happy new 2022 to you all.

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