Shock or horror? #WW

Would you believe it, this is how our recent holiday ended ???

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  1. Wow that was a cool way to end a holiday. Where did you go? Land of Horrors? I’m sure your teenager must have loved it. And yes, I have linked up to this post. I wanted to do so this morning but didn’t find you up as yet!

    1. It was totally cool. The last day of our holiday and what fun we had! Can count it as one of our best. My teen simply loved this one as it was at the very top of his list even before we set off! So glad that you joined in, Sunita and thanks for linking up.

      1. Esha you are one of my favourite bloggers and I’d love to join in your initiatives. You are one of the few people whose photo skills match their words … you make poetry in both media

        1. Ah, your kind words just made my day, Sunita! I am honoured that you’ve credited me with such skills which sound too good to be true in my case! Nevertheless, I humbly accept them with gratitude , knowing that it is my readers and blogger friends like yourself who keep me inspired, and focused through the ups and downs of blogging and the reason why I’m still here today! Thanks again 😍

    1. I know, I was too, Shilpa, but only after I saw this pic. When you’re standing there, it doesn’t seem as scary, for some reason. Think the photo heightens the effect as it is meant to be.

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