When the Gulmohar Blooms | #ThursdayTreeLove

Scenes from the fourth-floor window of the Homeopath’s clinic that I visited last Monday, where a breathtaking Gulmohar tree stood regally, swaying in the summer breeze— those boughs laden with brilliant red blossoms, the kind that I’ve not seen for a very long time.

Since we moved into our new home in May last year, the Cassias, the Tabebuias and the Gulmohars are no more a part of my daily sightings! I miss the sun’s oblique rays falling on them and showering them in a new light, a trite magical, that allures and leaves one mystified!

In Bengal, the Gulmohar trees bearing red flowers are called “Krishnachura” and the ones bearing yellow ones are known as “Radhachura”! And every time someone mentions these trees, I go down memory lane, rekindling fond memories of those long road trips to the grandparents home in Assam, every summer, where the long tree-lined roads would form a canopy with dazzling red and yellow blossoms from either side. I can clearly recall the intensity of those colours, especially against the clear blue sky of the oil refinery townships, that we’d be driving past, far from industrial estates and big cities.

The fresh air, the clear blues skies and small shops by the roadside. So many road trips and so many memories!!

It makes me wonder—what is it about the Gulmohar trees that I so love? Is it because they are bright and red and beautiful?  Or is it because they bring to mind cherished memories? Or could it be down to my yearning for that long lost connection with my younger self, that often lies buried under the pressures of a long, busy day? One can never tell…

Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy these pictures!

Until next time, stay safe and goodbye!


Linking this to Thursday Tree love, which is a photo feature on Parul’s blog, hosted on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month. The next edition will go live on May 28, 2020. If you would like to join her, all you have to do is post a picture of a tree (or trees, as you wish!) on your blog and link it back to her post. 

5 thoughts

  1. I believe we all live cocooned in those child hood memories and I have many such around the Gulmohar. The radiant blooms despite the scorching summers can be such a balm to the soul.

    Lovely post. Much love xoxox

  2. I love how beautiful this tree is! Colorful and full of life.
    On your question – I think it’s a mix of everything. Memories, peek into nature, the feelings it stirs and then the joy of seeing something that is so beautiful.
    So glad you joined, Esha! thank you!

  3. The pictures are magnificent! And you are right…It’s the memories of our childhood that attracts us to these trees. The carefree, happy days of our life when we were alive, in every sense of the word!

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