May We Be the Light | #WordlessWednesday

If everything around you seems dark, look again. You may be the light.


Finding hope in despair and light in darkness may seem difficult for us but not impossible as we are all beginning to realise. In these extraordinary times, we are coping to the best of our abilities by being more resourceful, innovative and resilient. It is tough but we’re encouraging one another to hang in there, and not simply give in to the fear psychosis.

Everyone we know is fighting the odds trying to stay resilient; to be brave and hopeful. It takes real courage and conviction to believe that we will get over the pandemic soon because, in all honesty, all we know right now is that our future is hanging by a fine line, and nothing offers us the guarantee that we will find a cure soon enough. We have endless questions and still, no easy answers!

Patience is in great demand. We must adapt to this tediously long waiting game!

Normal, as we know it, may never return to our lives. Or maybe, it will. Who knows? And yet, we must keep the faith in our hearts alive. We ought to keep our trust in the Universe and pray hard for the crisis to pass. Life must go on.

Until then, let’s hang in there—with courage, compassion and trust in ourselves and in the Universe. Never mind the darkness that surrounds us, we will all find the light. Or better still, we will be the light!



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35 thoughts

  1. Beautiful picture and a great quote to go with it ♥️
    Loved reading your heartfelt words Esha. For now, we ought to take it one day at a time and try to make the best of it.
    There’s always light at the end of the tunnel goes a saying. We can hope and pray that the end appears sooner rather than later.
    Take care.

  2. Beautiful photo to go with a perfect quote Esha.

    Rightly said, everyone is fighting their fears, apprehensions, sadness and pain. Now is the time to be positive and hopeful. Time will change and we all shall adapt to it gradually but surely. All will be good ….. Amen!

    Have a miraculous week ahead!

    1. Thank you so much, dear Monika. Couldn’t agree more with your wise words. Amen to your wishes and prayers! We shall survive this hopefully, and learn our lessons too. This too shall pass.

      1. Amen. Going back to school (singing period) …..
        Oh, deep in my heart, I do believe,
        We shall overcome someday.
        The Lord will see us through;
        We’ll walk hand in hand;
        We are not afraid;
        The truth shall make us free;
        We shall live in peace;
        Oh, deep in my heart, I do believe,
        We shall live in peace someday.

  3. Some days it’s hard to find the light, especially as we see those images of people struggling, Esha. We’re trying to do our bit to help, but it never seems enough.Like you said, we look for the light and try hard to be the light to others.

    1. True, Corinne! No matter what we do, it is still very little compared to what needs to be done. We’ve ben helping many of the less privileged people around where we currently live, with money, food items and other necessities and yet, when you see people struggling to cope with the growing uncertainties, it is frustrating, to say the least. Trying to be the light to a few, if not everyone is still better than not doing anything.

  4. Beautiful post as always, Esha. Hope the light at the end of this very long tunnel will show soon! Meanwhile, let us be the light!


    1. Thank you, dear Veronica. Yes, we are in it together and positive vibes from one another will see us through this until we can see the light at the end of the tunnel!
      Hugs right back to you, my friend!

  5. You are so right. We can all be the light. I’m with you.

    Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday. ♥

  6. Said so well, Esha. Some days it is easy – some days it is hard. I had a brother inlaw who was hospitalized with the COVID-19 (he survived) so we know what it can do to someone, and yet we maintain home that it will pass – one day, and that the governor of our state will act with wisdom, unlike some.

    1. Oh yes, I hear you Alana! Hope those in power take the best decision. Meanwhile, let’s continue doing our bit to stay safe.

  7. Such an empowering thought Esha. It gave me a food for thought…am I that light? Maybe, for myself, for my children and many around me who are looking up to me braving these uncertain times all alone when my husband is in France and all our plans to join him there and start a new life post May, has been stamped with “postponed for God know how long’ stamp.
    Thanks dear for this uplifting post.

    1. I can imagine how hard it must be for you, Anagha! Hope your husband is safe there and wishing the pandemic gets over sooner than we imagine so you can all be united together as a family and start your new life in France. Hugs my dear friend. Just stay strong dear and remember this too shall pass! 🙏

  8. If we banished fear and focused on other more powerful things, we would forget about the crown and we didn’t even know it existed. Happy WW.!

    1. Well said, Rofstef! I cannot agree more. We do need more empowering thoughts to keep the focus on how best to tackle this crisis better. Fear only blurs our ability to think clearly.

  9. There is always a light inside us! It is important not to forget and make it grow for us, for our families, friends, planet Earth!
    Happy WW, dear Esha! All the best and joy!

    1. So well said, Suzana! We are in this together and as Vinitha says, we can all be the light for one another in these dark times.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts here, and for those positive vibes. Stay safe and have a blessed week.

  10. Yes, the light is within us and we must keep striving to keep it shining bright, irrespective of our circumstances. This would in turn light up other lives around us too.

    Have a blessed, week dear Esha.

    1. It is, dear Natasha! We will see this through, won’t we? Taking courage from those immortal lines – “If winter comes, can spring be far behind?”
      Stay safe, my friend.
      Wish you a wonderful and positive week.

      1. Absolutely we will. We are still blessed to be in our privileged bubble with meals on our table, a comfortable home and the love of our family by our side.

        My heart goes out for those who have none of these and are struggling each day.

        My mentor Diaskau Ikeda says, “Winter always turns into spring.” Have we seen Spring tarry back to a winter, no right? So yes, the tide will surely turn in no time.

        Much much love my friend. Keep that pretty chin held high. <3

  11. We carry the light within us and only dark thoughts can darken it. Let’s be positive and confident in ourselves and in the future.

    Have a good day, Esha!

    1. Absolutely with you on that, dear Zina! We are and we will continue to be each other’s strengths and fight this together.
      Happy vibes beget more such.
      Thanks for stopping by and sending me light. You stay safe my friend.

  12. Beautiful quote, Esha. I believe we are becoming the lights for each other knowingly or unknowingly. The uncertainty we are going through now has become a big part of our normal. Let’s hope that we will go back to our normal life before this pandemic took over the world and that it will happen soon. That hope has more significance now than ever.

    1. Thank you so much, Vinitha! You are spot on, my friend. We are becoming the light for one another and it is this connection with one another that is seeing us through this tough phase. I’m sure we will get there some day but hopefully, after learning our lessons and becoming wiser and less irresponsible than we have been. It is important that we realise that we cannot leave the world in such a terrible state for our children to inherit it some day.

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