Be You | Weekend Writing Prompt

A fun writing exercise was just what I needed to get some creativity flowing this weekend.  The rules of this challenge stated that one could use the prompt as one liked. It could be flash fiction, a poem, a chapter for a novel—just about anything that spoke to you. The challenge was to do it in just 17 words.

So, I came up with a poem! Here’s mine:


Live not, as others command,

Be led by your heart.

Fame is but transient,

And memories fade.


Linking this with Sammi’s post. If you are reading this now, and you like it, could I request you to leave me your feedback in the comments section, below? Thanks in advance.

12 thoughts

  1. Wow this is good. You really did well. I’d find it hard to write even a comment on your poem in 17 words.

  2. 17 words! Must have been quite a challenge, Esha. But you made it look like it was a breeze to write a micro poem with such a deep message! ❤️

    1. Not as beautifully done as you, my talented friend! But, I’m glad I didn’t shy away for fear of trying to write one. 🙂 Thanks for your encouraging words, dear Vinitha.

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