Tree Memories

Be prepared for every season.

—Author Unknown
A random tree shot, from one of my trips in the city.

Caught on my iPhone during one of my recent trips in the city, I marvel at the beauty of this tree that stands tall, as if sheltering the building, ready to face any weather and any season. If only trees could talk…wouldn’t there be so much to hear from them? So many stories would tumble out…how amazing would that be?

Today, I’d like to share a story from my childhood days, when we used to live in a beautiful college campus called Jotsoma, located against the backdrop of the Aradhura hills. Our home, which was a government quarter, had a large garden, where mom grew the most delicious apricots, and juicy red plums every summer. Our backyard, as all my campus friends will vouch for, was famous for its melt-in-the-mouth plums, which were generously shared with our neighbours, every single year, until we moved out in the winter of 1994.

The entrance to our home used to be flanked by two majestic pines, on either side, and I still recall how one day, Dad had remarked that the pines were as old as me. Ever since, I looked upon them with a great deal of fondness. There was a strong unspoken bond with the trees, that would be hard to describe. Let;s just say they were special. My eyes get misty even today, recalling how they would bear the brunt of the strong winds in March, every year, protecting our tinned roofs from the most treacherous blows from Mother Nature, at her furious best.

For some inexplicable reason, the memory of those pines are still very close to the heart, even today. Every time I miss them, I find myself, with closed eyes, watching the pines standing majestically, guarding our home, in the foothills of Japfu.


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11 thoughts

  1. I love that story and reminds me of trees in my grandparents house that I would climb and sit on for hours. Thanks, Esha for that tree and sharing a piece of your childhood with us. See you tomorrow.

  2. What a sweet story from your childhood! How many such stories would these trees have got to share! How many childhoods like yours those trees might have witnessed! If only those trees could talk…
    Lovely capture, Esha.

  3. Your pine story is somewhat similar to my ficus story. We have a ficus tree growing outside our apartment, which was planted as a sapling the same year that we moved into our house. It’s grown into a beautiful tall tree that fills me with peace and a sense of belonging every time I look out the living room window and into its branches. The bonds we create with trees are just so special, aren’t they?

  4. That was such an evocative post Esha. I am salivating at the thought of those sweet plums. Such a beautiful little house you had and those pines!

  5. Your story reminds me of the sweetest plums in the entire neighbourhood that would grow in our house. After treating us for nearly 20 years, one year the tree suddenly stopped giving fruits and then just died soon after. We could never quite understand what had happened.
    The Pine story feels so nostalgic, I can relate to your sentiments.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your lovely comment, Neelanjana! II can imagine how painful it must have been to see the plum tree die before your eyes! I would be heartbroken if I were you!! We do share so many fond reflections and memories of growing up in the NE…the pines are just one of them. A long chat is due, and I think we should meet up some day soon.

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