The Shrine #WW

‘The Shrine’

Wordless Wednesday 57

A shrine that we came across during our River Safari on the Madu River in Sri Lanka that every tourist gets to visit while traveling between the Colombo-Galle highway.  What a great fun ride along secret passages through those mysterious mangrove forest!. The bonus, of course, were the rich wildlife, especially the variety of birds which included cormorants and kingfishers in flight. And just as we came out of the mangrove forests, we saw this little shrine in the middle of the river. Can you identify the Gods in the picture?


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  1. I was thinking of the Gods as Brahma and Vishnu but I am wrong. This shrine in the middle of the river can be intriguing but who knows there must have been a piece of land flooded by the river and all that remains is this shrine.

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