The Open Sky of the Mind

Allow things to come and go; keeping your heart as open as the sky.

Hopelessness is one thing that I have always had to struggle with. It’s not something that happens to me often though, but when it does, I’m a total mess.

The past week has been tough on us as a family. There have been challenges galore at home, lately and while the rough rides continue, I’m teaching myself to dance through the storms, riding the crest over a multitude of emotions. While I’m doing so, I’m also learning to acknowledge each one of them, even on the days when I feel unsettled by them.

I do realise how, under these circumstances it becomes even more important to practice being non-judgemental with how we think and feel. It’s not easy though! The struggle is indeed too real.

Needless to say, it is also a challenge to let go of all those things that don’t serve us anymore. One needs to work on them on a constant basis.

There are days when one is tempted to disappear into a void and escape from the harsh realities of life. Wouldn’t it be lovely to curl up into a ball and propel ourselves out of the black hole into some magical and happy faraway place? Yes, wishful thinking can be a great escape at times!!

And then, some days, it may well be that we’ve suddenly discovered one sliver of hope that seems to appear out of nowhere, and cuts across the darkness, drawing in light. Suddenly, the weight lifts and we can breathe easy, even if for a short while. I have had one such moment today and I wanted to share my experience here with you all, just to remind us all that even during the darkest hour there is hope around us.

And for that one thought alone, I remain truly and utterly grateful to the Universe today!

How has your week been? How have you been feeling lately? Would love to know more, if you’d like to share them in the comments below.


Written as part of our #SoulfulSunday free writing exercise, along with my friends Vinitha and Shilpa.

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