The Awakening – #WTFOW#5 – Day 4

(For Day Four of the Festival of Words hosted by Write Tribe from July 10 to July 16, 2016, I’m writing another 100-word story that takes a brief glance at how relationships are changing today.)


“What does he say, Ashima?”, quizzed Shiv.

“Oh, trying to remember Neil’s favourite colour”, said Ashima, getting ready for office. “His message says- send something warm, Ma. If possible, my favourite colour.”

“What else…?”


“Let’s visit him this weekend, na, and drop the stuff?”

“That’s the problem. Do you remember his favourite colour, Shiv?”

“How’d I know that? He was with you last summer holidays. I was travelling, remember?”

“But, he hardly spoke….and I had my work…and my meetings…”, an upset Ashima replied.

“We’ll reach by noon if we set off now, shall we?”, asked Shiv.

Hopefully, it wasn’t too late.


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18 thoughts

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  2. It’s sad to read this, but somehow our lives are going that way with technology and financial preferences. But it’s great that you could tell so much in just 100 words Esha 🙂

  3. It hurts…..I sometimes feel bad that I don’t work but then I feel happy that I am giving my kids time and attention they need…..Once they are on their own, all this will change…..Touching story….

  4. The thought of kids moving away from home is painful – even if they’re still little! But I guess not being able to remember their fav colors is worse! Deep feelings in a few words!

  5. It’s true.Too much importance is being given to work and money and too little to the most important things in life – our families.

  6. We must get our priorities right, this is so sad. We’re busy running around with work and forget the purpose of it all, for being happy and keeping up the relations that matter the most.

  7. Yes that pretty much sounds like the relationship these days. I feel for the son and the parents too… As you step higher in the ladder, time spent with family becomes less.

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