SkywatchFriday | Week 9

Meet me where the sky touches the sea.

—Jennifer Donnelly

Back to Skywatch Friday after a long time. Today, I’m sharing a few photos from our recent holiday. It was a much-needed downtime that my heart and soul was looking forward to and I’m so grateful that things went according to plan and we all had a wonderfully relaxing time!

When life throws up challenges and we struggle to stay afloat, it’s in these moments that we can fall back to claim our peace—they bring us back to cherishing and hoping that better times will come by.

The three sky photos are from the sunset cruise we went for in the evenings.

That’s all for this week, folks. Here’s wishing you all a blessed and relaxed weekend! May you continue to do the things that bring you happiness and peace!

Love and gratitude to everyone stopping by the blog today. ❤️🌸


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13 thoughts

  1. …Esha, I see that you captured the green flash, I hope that you will enjoy many beautiful sunsets.

    1. Beautiful skies and seas you give us on this post.
      Your phrase “…it’s in these moments that we can fall back to claim our peace” is wonderful.

      Have a great weekend!!

    2. It sure was, Peter. There was so much beauty that one had to be really mindful of everything around. Such a blessing to have been there.

    1. I’ve heard some more people saying that about that picture. So happy to know you liked it.
      Thank you for stopping by the blog.

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