SkywatchFriday 2023 | Week 1

The sky is still amazing even when the clouds are grey.


As a dreamer, every time I’ve longed for a better place, I’ve looked out at the sky, no matter where I am. The soft morning light as the day breaks has felt as comforting as the soothing essence of petrichor after a fresh downpour, or the dazzle of a glorious sunset on the evening sky—to me, these have all been ways of Mother Nature calling us back, every time we stray away into the madness of our gadget-driven regimented lives!

For some reason, as an eternal optimist, I always thought that the sky has been a reminder that all things are possible, no matter how impossible they seem to be at the moment—almost like a promise for new undertakings, it has been like a blank slate given by life to craft our life story. Don’t ask me why or how. It was always like that, for me.

Every time one needed a touch of inspiration to reignite the fire in one’s soul, one need only to have looked up to the power of the sky. It’s been a life-long passion to grab sky shots—one that has sustained me through the rough times, granting a happy respite from the mundane and filling me with peace and calm within.

It’s the very first #SkywatchFriday of the year and I’m pledging to post as regularly as possible with my fellow sky lovers because, all said and done, a joy shared is always doubled!

See you next week with another edition of sky photos.

Until then, have a blessed week, stay safe and be productive but most of all, don’t forget to snatch a few mindful moments in the presence of nature. That bliss and quiet is an absolute must. Your heart, body, mind and soul will thank you for that.


Linking this to #SkywatchFriday, where you will find some amazing sky photographs from all over the world.

To view my complete sky photograph collection, please click here.


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  1. Good to see you continue posting pictures for the skywatch. While still a person who loves watching the stunning sky scenes, I have stopped sharing pictures on the blog. Hope you are doing well, Esha. Happy new year.

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