This poem is dedicated to women all over the world, across all classes and cultures, who, despite all the advancements and the shifting perceptions that promise women their rightful place in society, continue to be stifled under a patriarchal society, that systematically thwarts their dreams and ambitions and instead, pushes them down the route to subservience. 
This one is for me, for you and for every woman who dares to live out her dreams!


The crimson sky beckons,

She watches silently—

her dreams etched

across a sliding canvas,

where a thousand hues merge into one.


She reaches out to grab her slice of hope,

her heart steels up to pick up the broken pieces,

she resolves to become whole again

and renew the vow she made to herself,

many moons ago.


A thousand questions plague the mind—

Will she live out her dreams?

Will she be able to walk past the thorny hedges

to save her skin?

And ignore their diktats?

They—who stole away her chances,

and forced her to abandon her dreams?


She’s learning to ignore

what doesn’t serve her any more;

ready to go afoot

as the journey beckons to her.

There is no turning back,

Not any more.

She smiles, for she knows that

no barricades, human or otherwise,

can stop her now.


The crimson sky beckons again.

She watches silently—

her dreams etched

across a sliding canvas,

where a thousand hues merge into one.


This piece of non-fiction is based on the word prompt ‘Silhouette published for #FictionMonday, a blog hop hosted by my friend Vinitha Dileep on her lovely blog, ‘Reflections’.

6 thoughts

  1. Profound! It’s time we stopped listening to the naysayers and start living our dream life as we had intended years ago. Loved reading this beautiful piece, Esha.

  2. This reflection and poetry is a divine prayer to women facing so much in life and aspirations becoming lost in a patriarchal world. Social construct is killing so many dreams and it’s a real tragedy Esha. Your words are profound and deep when we look what women go through every second and minute built over the years.

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