Overwhelm, Exhaustion and Back To Writing Again | #SoulfulSunday

It was all gone in a blur. The entire week. And so were the two weeks preceding it.

Taking care of a busy home of five, with my home help away for over two weeks, and with one of the elderly moms being unwell, I found myself biting way more than I could chew! Delegation wouldn’t work without finding the right people who could shoulder responsibility along with me. Near burnout was imminent. But, help came at the nth hour!

Everything that was not urgent had to take a backseat. My mind was restless as I was unable to find my space and my morning quiet at the start of my day.

The morning practice has now become integral to my life and holds a deep significance in how I show up over the rest of the day. It’s the reset button, that helps me get on with the roller coaster rides that have now become the norm in our home for the past couple of years. I’m grateful for the days when things are normal—no matter how physically draining and mentally exhausting they prove to be.

But, the morning calm being lost, I sensed despondency and frustration in my being. Over the past few days, I’ve started working on restoring my morning practice, despite the challenges. I’m starting small, but aiming to be consistent. Hopefully, soon, I will be back into the zone of anchoring myself into a space of silence and introspection once again.

Today, after almost two weeks, I’ve resumed blogging again and it feels really good. I’m also writing for the Sunday freewriting exercise, that a few of us (Vinitha, Shilpa and Anamika) had started more than two years ago (You might be aware of the #SoulfulSunday blog hop!) after a break of nearly 8 weeks and I’m so looking forward to sharing snippets from my world with you all once again. Fingers and toes crossed!

And I’m sure, if you’re a regular here you’d know already that this year, I surprised myself by jumping into the AtoZ April Blogging Challenge. Well, despite the demands of writing micropoetry and posting daily, I’m so thankful that the Universe supported me in helping me reach the finish line! Of course, it was tough—but I did it. The challenge was mostly about visiting the other blogs who were participating in the challenge—and that proved to be tough, given my tight schedules.

I’m still not done with the reading, but hopefully, now that I’m back to blogging, I shall get it done before the month is over!

I’m not promising too many things this week—just getting back into my blogging and writing groove AND most importantly, resuming the morning practice will be enough for me.

Sending love to you all and tons of positive energy and calm as you go about your Monday. Have a happy, blessed and productive week ahead, everyone!


Written as part of our #SoulfulSunday free writing exercise, along with my friends Vinitha and Shilpa.

4 thoughts

  1. I understand exactly what you mean about the morning routine setting the tone for the day and when it’s not there, one feels like the world is in chaos. Glad that you’re making time for this and even managed to blog.
    Praying that, by now, the parent is doing better and that you’ve secured some help.

  2. I hear you, Esha. The feeling of being suffocated when we are not able to get time for ourselves and going about depleting ourselves for the whole day is somewhat familiar to me. Free writing is therapeutic. When it does not help us feel content with our expression, it gives contentment in another form that we got some writing done. My week has been not been progressing to my utmost liking even after publishing a post this week (which was almost forced out). I guess with the changed life circumstances this is how it is going to be for me from here on.

  3. I’m glad that you were able to get back to writing. I can relate to the overwhelm. But I have not yet managed to get back to writing. But baby steps. I have got back to reading everyone’s blogs at least which I was unable to do even a month ago.

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