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Did you watch the Super Blue Blood Moon this week? It was beautiful, wasn’t it? The teen and I took some time out to do moon watching that evening although we didn’t manage to get any decent phone captures that I could share over here. But, we loved it. I remember telling my boy how some day, years later, he might recall this evening—of how we quietly watched this once in a lifetime spectacle, sitting in our balcony, swapping a large and a mini-telescope between us, discussing the moon’s changing colours and watching awestruck. So much would be different that day but our thoughts would come back to this moment, frozen in time forever. It made me very emotional for some reason.

I think the view of the blood-red Moon was a very different experience, as one is so used to seeing the silver orb in the night sky. Sorry, no shots of that one but I did capture some sky views from the week, which I’m sharing here.

The chill in the air has now gone and I am loving the pleasant mornings, soaking in the warmth and light, as I go for my daily round of morning walk.

But, tell me how is it in your part of the world right now? For many of you, I guess its the long bitingly cold winter now, and even though the snow looks lovely, it also gives it a certain starkness that leaves one wonderstruck. Beautiful but freezing! I couldn’t stand that as I’m very sensitive to cold even though English winters are nothing new for me, having lived there for ten years. That was ten years back. Not sure how I’d cope now.

Before I take your leave, there’s just enough time to wish you all a relaxed weekend. Now that the busy week is getting over, do take it slow and easy. Remember, if things haven’t gone according to plan, like it has been for me, we need not stress. If possible, try and spend some time with yourself. Trust me, a few quiet moments by oneself does a lot to keep one recharged through the entire day. So, see you next week. Bye for now.


Linking this with #Skywatch Friday, where people post beautiful sky shots from different parts of the world.) In case you’re interested, here are my previous #SkywatchFriday posts. Thank you for stopping by. Hope to see you again.


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  1. Your quiet chat with A while watching the red moon was profound. We missed watching the red moon. The sky shots are brilliant, especially the last one. It looks like that the sky is set on fire in that one.

    1. Thank you, Anamika. Some profound thoughts and some mundane lives… How paradoxical it is! Thanks for appreciating my pics! They are my everyday moments captured for posterity. Bangalore skies are always dramatic. 😊

    1. Thank you Peter. It happened at a very convenient time for us so there was no way we would miss it. 😀 The net was rife with photos but the real sight was way too beautiful!

  2. I looked at the moon as well the other night, it was glaring silver for us. But i enjoyed watching the red colored version on my social accounts.

    Those are lovely captures (again). And yes, it is still pretty cold here in Toronto 🙂

  3. Beautiful views of the sky, Esha! I also watched the moon that day in silence and in awe. What an experience indeed! I like how you describe those special moments with your son, ruminating on that once in a life-time experience.

  4. Beautiful pictures. Unfortunately it was so cloudy here that we couldn’t see the moon I guess I’ll catch it in my next life 🙂

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