It’s Time for Another SkywatchFriday

It was unintentional, actually. I was in the grips of a situation which demanded a lot from me. Feeling constrained and unable to force out a blog post, I decided to put the blog on the back burner and get on with the demands of life. The rest is as predictable as you might imagine. I got swamped by responsibilities and duties and writing receded somewhere into the background, far enough from where I thought it became invisible, not just to the world but to me, as well.

I didn’t enjoy not been able to share my thoughts. It was painful, to be honest, carrying the guilt within, of not being able to manage my time better and focus on writing. After a while, i dumped the guilt and moved on. I didn’t want to be lugging it around everywhere, reminding myself of what I was lacking.

Life took me on multiple turns – from where it was getting increasingly challenging to trace my steps back. Thankfully, I am here and ready to get back to my writing as and when I can snatch some time out. To be able to write is a privilege, and even if that writing isn’t that good, it doesn’t matter. I’ll write to even if only to get started on the process all over again. Maybe, to get into the flow of things, if not anything else! That will help me deal with the uncertainty of life and nudge me on, especially now, when I don’t know where my blogging is going to take me in the coming months and days. Or what my expectation from blogging is. Where do I wish to go from here? I don’t think I have the time to think of those things anymore.

It’s been a rather long break from blogging – nearly two months (maybe, a little less actually!) but to me it seems like ages since I last visited this blog or wrote a post.

But, I have to say there are a few wonderful things that I’d love to share with you all from the past six weeks – all coming in a brand new blog post very soon.

In the meantime, I’m happy to be sharing a few sky shots today – random clicks, mostly from the everyday moments of life from the past months.

When we realise how easy it is to be swept away by technology and our fast-paced living, it is even more important to remind ourselves that no matter where we are, it’s always reassuring to know that nature always has a way of bringing peace into our heart and soul and keep us firmly grounded, through our individual struggles in life. Also, because in the grand scheme of things, we are puny, insignificant beings on a pale blue dot in the Universe! Nothing could be more humbling than that.

We’re all busy being busy all the time, but today, I really hope these photos remind you to take some time out of your busy-ness to take that much-needed pause and savour Nature around you, wherever you are right now. A few quiet minutes are all it takes.

And, to live in that moment and soak in the magic, despite the odds is truly priceless!

See you next Friday! Have a blessed weekend! And if you love to share your slice of the sky, don’t forget to share the link so I can visit you back. 🙂 ❤️


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10 thoughts

  1. Beautiful skies, and so nice to see a new post! It’s been a challenging week for me, and I know what you mean about putting you blog on the back burner!

  2. Gorgeous sky photos. I find life very busy these days and sometimes it’s hard to make even a simple post. The longer we are away from it the harder it seems to return to it. But I will say that blogging in a way does help to slow things down and help us appreciate the free pleasures of life like noticing the sky and nature all around which we then hopefully share with other bloggers. Take care.

  3. I love the pictures you’ve captured Esha. The best part is always the pictures that we take on the go and such a beautiful memory it becomes. I do not have a specific plan for my blogging either, but I’ve decided that I am just going to share my thoughts in that place. That’s all it is all about. I’m sure we write to share our thoughts, Esha. Looking forward to the next post.

  4. Gorgeous clicks, Esha. Nature is always stunning.
    Glad to see you back in action here g]again, Esha. Life happens and we fall of from our favorite routines. But life is all about finding the way back no matter how hard it seems. I am in one such journey right now. Keep writing, Esha.

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