International Blog Delurking Week 2021


Sometime back, my good friend Parul reminded me that it’s time for the International Blog Delurking Week -2021.

Every year during the first week of January, a group of bloggers participate in this exercise in an attempt to find out who their readers are. Basically, it’s an invitation to readers to visit their blogs and say a little Hi/Hello or leave a comment. I’ve said this before as well, that I’m always utterly grateful and blessed that even when the number of readers in my blog is dwindling, as they are, at certain times of the year, there will always be a few readers and fellow bloggers who will stop by to read, like and share my posts and more often than not, also leave some warm, encouraging comments to leave me enthused and encouraged about my writing and blogging, in general.

Since my first foray into the blogosphere some 6 years ago, I’ve often wondered about my purpose in creating this blog, wherein dwells my heart and soul. Some days, when doubts have assailed the mind, I’ve found myself tempted to go back and read what my readers have said about a certain post or even the blog. It has kept me feeling good and I’ve realised how much I enjoy being a part of such a vibrant writing community.

Today, I write this post addressed to each one of you, dear readers, who will be stopping by the blog and reading me today.

If you like visiting MySoultalks and happen to read my posts, (irrespective of whether you are a regular or an occasional visitor) may I please request you to let me know that you marked your presence here, as you stopped by.

If that sounds like a lot of work, you could consider leaving a quick Hello or a Hi and that would suffice too! 🙂

This way, I get to know who my readers are and if you are leaving your link behind, it would be an absolute pleasure for me to return your kind gesture and stop by your blog too. 

On that note, dear readers, I wish you a beautiful Wednesday and a blessed week/month/year ahead. May this year find you in a better and happier space. 

With love, hugs and plenty of happy vibes,




Linking with Parul for this one. If you are a blogger and would like to join any time during the week, feel free to use the badge above and link to her post.

10 thoughts

  1. Dropping in to say Hi and that I do pop in time to time. I am guilty of visiting blogs on the BAR thread only as and when they get listed there. Love your soul searching posts and do visit those whenever I see them on the thread Esha.

  2. Dropping by to say Hi and hoping to be more regular in this space. I love reading your soulful blogposts 🙂

  3. Your posts always inspire me to write better, to put in extra effort to publish a post I feel proud of. Thanks for giving us such beautiful posts, Esha! Glad to have met you in the blogosphere. <3 Keep writing!

  4. I always find interesting ideas on your blog!
    I wish you to be inspired in everything you write here, spreading beautiful things!
    Have a beautiful weekend, Esha!

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