Happily Hitched Forever

I am participating in the #BarAThonEdition3 which involves alternate days of blogging from July 2nd, 2018 to July 15th, 2018, based on a theme and a prompt for the day.

Happily married

For Seven Years.

Seeking love

On Social media.

Call it a farce

I say it’s a tragedy.

Who knows—

Perhaps, it’s actually

a bit of both?



© Esha Mookerjee Dutta July 2018

***Image Courtesy: Unsplash***


(Linking up with Day 7 of BarAThonEdition3. Prompt for Day 7— ‘Seven Year Itch.’)

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17 thoughts

  1. Perhaps. Yes. But I’m not sure why many have a problem with social media and the way people use to express their thoughts 🙂 If we are looking at it to judge others or judge ourselves on how we are faring when compared to others, I’d say we aren’t using social media well.

    Nicely written 🙂

    1. Absolutely. You definitely have a point there, Ashwini. Sadly, social media is also being used for all the wrong reasons and I was pointing to just one of the many ills that is befalling us all. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and adding another dimension to it.

  2. Yep, maybe a bit of both! I could never understand the thought behind social media dispaly of affection. You have captured this dilemma so well in these lines, Esha. Congrats on finishing the challenge. 🙂

    1. Thanks a lot, Vinitha for your love, support and constant encouragement through the Barathon. It made me feel positive enough to give it a try all the seven days even when things were not looking up at the personal front. Thanks from the heart. <3

  3. Yes, indeed. Lives on social media are just a facade where visitors always lurk & make themselves sulk over not having such ‘privileged’ lives. Strange! You may be one happy person who’s wasting time on envying people who haven’t even the least of your contentment.

    And congratulations on completing the BlogAThon successfully, Esha!

  4. The sad reality of the world today. Everything looks perfect to the naked eye unless the layers of lies are peeled off. Congratulations on successfully completing the challenge.

    1. So true, Sonia. Glad to see you here. Congratulations to you too for successfully completing the challenge. Yes, didn’t think I could, but did it somehow. 🙂

  5. Ha! The travails of our technology riddled world!
    This one hits the nail.

    More power to your mighty pen Esha.❤️

    1. Thank you dear Natasha. Yes, the ‘other’ side of the 24/7 connectivity isn’t too nice! One never knows what all is lurking there!!

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