The Swan Song

I am participating in the #BarAThonEdition3 which involves alternate days of blogging from July 2nd, 2018 to July 15th, 2018, based on a theme and a prompt for the day.

Tonight will be her swan song.

They’re coming to watch her perform.

When the lights go off,

the shots will resound across.

She’ll get to be famous again—

to earn her six minutes of fame.


© Esha Mookerjee Dutta July 2018

***Image Courtesy: Unsplash***


(Linking up with Day 6 of BarAThonEdition3. Prompt for Day 6— ‘Six Minutes of Fame.’)

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  1. Fame is definitely short lived. But performer must know to keep it alive in his/her senses throughout the life. This will make life easier and happier.

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