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This post is written for Day 3 of The Write Tribe Festival of Words June 2018. 


She thought he never read her mind.

He did, but only now that she was gone.

Her blue canvas shoes, still waiting,

where she had left them last!


©Esha Mookerjee Dutta.  June 2018

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28 thoughts

  1. This is sadness in minimal words. Let’s not be sad. Let her go on snorkeling leaving her shoes neatly on the beach or gone ahead to experience the water and the sand barefoot or gone to buy 2 ice creams from the hawker who is standing just behind the photographer, calling out to the ‘Him’ in the verses for his choice of flavour. Let’s not be sad.

    1. Yes, sadness is the primary emotion that I felt seeing the image. I’m happy you stopped by to share your thoughts here, Anamika. In an alternate story, which is a happier one, she has been playful and naughty, trying to scare someone that she is lost to the waves but is only watching the reactions from a distance and getting amused. Is that cheerful enough, tell me? 🙂

  2. Oh dear. How terribly sad. This rather reminded me of a blog post which I think was by Balaka about the shoes on a river bank in Budapest????

  3. Sometimes we don’t understand what the other person has already understood.
    Such a depth is just 4 lines..

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