And Some Days I Forget…

And some days,
I forget to put myself ahead of them,
to fill my cup first 
before I rush to refill theirs; 
or pause in my tracks
and smell a flower;
to steal a glance into the mirror 
and decide if I'm unhappy 
or simply overworked.

The days feel long 
and the weeks longer than usual,
I look at the blank paper 
and pretend to stare into the open sky,
the weeks run into months,
and the excuses do not make sense any more,
try as hard as I might, 
the words still elude me!

And some days,
I pull myself apart
to deconstruct the person I once knew,
before the seasons came 
and altered me.
The hours roll into weeks
but its the years 
that slowly fade away
only to slip into oblivion.

5 thoughts

  1. These words are so relatable, Esha. It’s not the hours, weeks, or months that’s mocking at me. It’s the years. You have expressed the tyranny of life so beautifully.

  2. How beautifully you have written about your life’s situation! The line which resonated with me the most is
    ‘(can’t) decide if I’m unhappy
    or simply overworked.’ May be I am partly unhappy and partly over worked.

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