Success or Happiness: Which comes first?

It’s Saturday again and another interesting #100 Words on Saturday# prompt for the week by Corinne from Write Tribe: Success first then happiness. I am tempted to write because of the 100 words limit which makes the thought easier but the task as difficult as always!

Nonetheless, here’s an attempt to argue why I tend to disagree with the notion as I believe that happiness definitely comes first, and success just follows.

Happiness comes First

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For a long time it was believed that success determined happiness. So, happiness was that proverbial pot of gold that lay at the end of a long and arduous climb called success!

But, as with many other things, that belief was flawed. If success was truly the measure of happiness, shouldn’t the very rich and the accomplished be the happiest people we know? Shouldn’t the ones who choose fame, fortune and achievement be at the pinnacle of satisfaction?

But, are they really? Sadly not.

Because when happiness is pinned at the end of success, our chances of finding happiness is dimmed because our brain shifts the goal posts of what success looks like, every time we become successful. Success is external, but happiness comes from within.

Neuroscience shows that when people are happy, they tend to be more positive and successful at whatever it is they’re doing, with better health, increased productivity, and better relationships, that are likely to bring success in life.

In other words, it means that success won’t necessarily make us happy, but happiness is definitely more likely to lead us to success!


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