Together We Stay | #WordlessWednesday

In these times of social distancing, there’s just one question on everyone’s lips—

When will normalcy return?

When can we get back to our lives? Shall we be able to pick up from where we left and resume again…?

‘TOGETHERNESS’ —Created by the artist Mario Miranda famously known for his caricature art, that depicts a typical scene in a Mumbai local train.

I don’t know. We don’t really have the answers. All I know is that we always took our mundane, routine lives for granted. Up until now. Until COVID 19 hit us and grounded us, like nothing that we’ve ever encountered in our lifetime! The other day someone I know mentioned how things have come to a standstill, everywhere. It isn’t a pause, it’s more like a paralysis, that has abruptly brought everything to a sudden stop.

Now, the one thought that keeps us awake at night is how shall we be able to claim our lives back and return to normal. Will we be able to control the virus from entering our minds? Can we stop feeling fearful, anxious and insecure about our future and that of our children, our parents, our near and dear ones?

And, then, in the midst of all this, suddenly, it has dawned on us how much we’re now beginning to appreciate the very things we’ve either taken for granted or cribbed about! And, so, even though we’re all staying apart, staying within the confines of our homes, we’re eager to be united as one humanity, across all political and social boundaries. Our fears and hopes are the same. We wish for just one outcome—to somehow bring an end to this pandemic.

Today, any semblance of normalcy feels like a dream. Wish we could wake up from this terrible nightmare and realise it was nothing but a bad dream. I’d give anything for that. I bet you’d do too!



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25 thoughts

  1. I love that piece of art. Mario’s work is just so good.
    The current situation has given us a lot of perspective and it is in many ways a thoughtful one.I agree that the fear is not good but people sure are becoming sensitive.
    A good post, Esha!

  2. Esha,

    The virus hasn’t caused me to do anything different from what I do normally with the exception of when I go out, haven’t done that in 5-weeks, the need for face mask. From what I’ve been told, those who do go out are seeing little to no change in the way others behave meaning they cough/sneeze without covering up and people will walk straight through the spray of germs. No one cares if they touch surface grab their face or phone transferring unknown germs possibly deadly ones. Even when people try to do what’s right like wiped down a surface before grabbing they still manage to not take the proper care and cross contaminate after they wiped the cleaned area. I do a whole lot of eye rolling. I had hope this thing would’ve more concern in these people’s minds but it doesn’t appear that it has done that. Stay safe and well, my friend!

  3. The pandemic has certainly changed the world. I have always been a homebody so the new normal doesn’t affect me much but I am impatient to travel again. Lord knows when and I’m not getting any younger!

    Stay safe, Esha!

  4. I think things will be different and not necessarily in a bad way. I hope we all learn to be more kind to each other. To help each other more. That’s my hope.

    Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday. ♥

  5. I love that caricature! And you’ve rightly said – how we all wish this was nothing but a bad dream! The anxiety in our minds will not go away any time soon! All we can do is do our bit by staying at home and hoping that things get better!

  6. We’ll come back to our more less normal lives. The question is will we get any wiser?
    Stay in health.
    Thank you for hosting.

  7. The caricature is extraordinarily successful, it says everything about what it can mean “together”. Thank you for sharing with us!

    Happy WW, dear Esha! Be safe and well!

  8. Mario Mario Mario! I love his work!

    I really hope that we do learn not to mess with nature. Its Kaliyuga and people will not learn. Though there will be a fragment of the pie who will…… the ones who will act as harbingers of the Satyuga to come.

    The “herd immunity” needs to grow ……. that’s when it will cease to be a public health threat. We can only be careful and hopeful until then.

    Hope you have a fantastic week ahead Esha.

  9. Very interesting artist. New for me!
    I think it is not possible to ‘resume’. We’ll continue our life, but I hope in a better way!
    With a different hierarchy of values.

    All the best, Esha! Stay safe and be well!
    Happy WW!

  10. I’m a big fan of Mario and have his art in my bedroom, lounging area. Perky and positive!

    This too shall pass. Hang in there tight. We are in this together.

    Love and hugs.

    1. Lovely to know you’re a fan too! Mario was so talented as an artist and his work was truly unique. Grew up seeing his sketches and drawings and caricatures in the newspapers. Never been to the Mario museum in Goa but heard it’s well worth a visit. Have you been there?

      1. Nopes, Just the Martin’s Corner which is bedecked with his art. Must do next time I am in Goa.
        We grew up seeing his illustrations in Illustrated Weekly remember. 🙂

  11. We love Mario Miranda’s work and have some of his art at home. They are way too realistic and humorous.

    You said it, Esha. We never know when will this end. I feel that at least to get to a normal level of normalcy it might take the end of the year 🙁

    I want to be proven wrong here, obviously.

    Until then, take care.

    1. Oh yes, isn’t his work just wonderful? Both J and myself are huge fans of Mario’s work! This one is from our humble collection, Soumya!

      I am thinking exactly on the same lines as you, Soumya. It will take a year, if not more. for us to get back to normal. Until then, learning to juggle our work and home lives, staying positive and staying safe is all we can do.

      Stay safe, dear girl! Have a productive and positive week.

  12. It’s strange how one microscopic virus could change the world. I doubt we will ever go back to what we were . Of course life will go on but with new parameters. – this has been a revolution of sorts where everything changes in the new normal.

    1. You’re right, Sunita! One virus has changed the world and we are realising how powerless we are. I too feel life has changed in an irrevocable way. The new normal needs some getting used to, though, for most of us. Most important thing right now is not to let the virus into our minds. Stay safe, Sunita. We’re in this together!

    1. I know what you mean, Vinitha! I guess we cannot give up hope that things will turn around eventually and improve, although we would have lost a lot of precious lives by then. Prayers for everyone.

  13. I feel Covid-19 will usher in many changes over the coming months and may be years. Only time will tell what all it will be. Stay safe, Esha

    1. Absolutely, Arvind! We are still not sure of many things that will be different, because we’re still focused on fighting for safety and prevention from the virus. Yes, time alone will tell us. Stay safe and stay positive, Arvind. Glad to see you stop by the blog.

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