Living Through Challenging Times |#WordlessWednesday

The stronger the demand, the stronger the response.

I’m trying to beat the current situation, that has been testing us all to the core, as I grapple with life and it’s uncertainties, on a daily basis. Sadness, worry and anxiety come and go, but yoga and meditation help me in a big way, to get myself going, to tackle the rest of my day, juggling the different roles that I play, using every nerve, muscle and sinew to bring myself to stay positive and hopeful. To just be.

I’m trying to shut myself in a quiet zone these days. Away from social media too! I’m learning to accept things that are happening across the world. The mind goes on an overdrive some days but other days, I’m able to retain my calm and smile, as I attend to the chores. I assure my teen who is anxious. I assure my septuagenarian mother that things will improve soon. I need my calm and my quiet when I work. There are things that need to get done. One doesn’t have a choice. Things that cannot wait. But, for now, my reading waits. My writing waits. My art waits.

It is tough to stay cooped up for so long. Not being able to claim your old life. They say this is the new normal. I’m scared of a life that does not offer me time to rest or relax or read or write or create art. I’m tired of being tired. I’m tired of the endless piles of dishes waiting to be washed, no matter how often one clears the sink. And even though I love to cook, I’m tired of having to churn up meals every single day, without a break. Those endless chores never seem to get over. Those books on my table are gathering dust. The journal, waiting to be picked up. I haven’t sketched in a very long time. I long to see life the way it was before the virus changed our lives forever. I long for sunset skies. I look forward to normalcy in our lives.

But, let me tell you, right now, more than the 600+ muscles in the body that are enabling me to move from Point A to Point B, it’s that one voluntary muscle, that is helping me see through the series of challenges to get myself going, even if it is one day at a time.

It’s the Hustle Muscle. Like all muscles, this one helps to adapt and respond to the myriads of demands placed upon oneself. I’m working on it. Still not giving up. A few niggling worries creep up though—

How will I find the time to do the things that I love doing? How will I balance it all? How will things fall in place again? Will it, ever? When??

Perhaps, time alone will tell.



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11 thoughts

  1. Yes time will tell and make us stronger if we face another round. I like the idea of a hustle muscle. You will be back engrossed in your art soon although it may look different.

  2. Yes challenging times, but we’ll get though them if we follow the rules. Most are doing so, some are not. I pray for all those affected by this virus.

    Have a fabulous day and week. Stay safe and well. ♥

  3. Today is Day 24 of our lockdown and our Prime Minister has just announced a couple of hours ago that the lockdown will be extended for another 2 weeks. I keep sane everyday by praying and meditating.

    Hang in there, dear! Let’s get through this together.

    Sending you lots of hugs.

  4. I can feel and understand each and every word here. Most of us are on the same tangent. I steal “me moments” keeping aside everything, then I feel refreshed and back to work. I too am praying everything gets normal at the earliest. Hoping it happens soon. 🤞One thing to say Esha, don’t you think, when this will pass, we will look back and think – “wow, we survived this so easily. It went so quick”. 😎 I would rather suggest meditation, reading, sketching would help, as you said and forcefully take time for yourself. You are strong and would love to read from you! 🙂 Take Care and stay safe. Loads of love ❤

  5. Life has become too busy but not the way we want.

    I am not a kitchen person but its there I am found most of the time. Home is now full day office for my husband who is into “essential services”. So I also need to maintain the time & ambience (read low volume to silence). The only time I just spend with myself is the morning. I am an early riser so spend an hour & a half watching sunrise and the birds. Sometimes before lunch preparation (like now) and yes night we binge on some web series.

    I am not complaining as there are people with many family members under one roof and certain challenges which are more taxing now and not to forget the poor – homeless – abused and many more. For each one of us I pray and hope that things are back to normal soon.

    So Esha let’s all hang in there, take each day as it comes and lets not burden ourselves with stress. Knowing you, you are every bit of a winning fighter 💓

  6. You are doing great. Keep that chin held high and you will power through this stronger than most.

    Love and light dear Esha. oxoxo

  7. I’m with my four year daughter (preschools and schools are closed) and she keeps me busy all the time 🙂
    Thank you for hosting.

  8. Writing every day is helpful for me. I also keep meals simple. Raw vegetables, fruit, olives, cheese, each person taking care of his or her own dishes. For me it is good to do meditation and yoga, too. A walk down a deserted street is good.

    Please take care and stay safe.

  9. There are strange times, but probably the planet needed them!
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. We have to adapt, but more important we have to grow up and
    have a better understanding about who we are and what we want from us.
    Our new host for WW is:
    if you want to join!
    Happy and stay safe, dear Esha!

    ps. I discover this, if you are interested:

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