The Week That Was #SoulfulSunday

It’s been a long and difficult week for me! As I look back on the week gone by, which brought me a lot of things that I was not particularly looking forward to, especially, the excruciating pain from migraine that I woke up to, on the morning of Friday, I can only express a huge gratitude to the Universe for finally granting me a day that is as close to “normal” as it can get.

I never seem to find the right words to aptly sum up how it feels to suffer from a severe migraine attack. Suffice to say, that the world feels and looks like a terrible place to be in. There isn’t a thing that can bring one absolutely any form of relief, as the struggle continues. But I can tell you, that when the horrid thing releases it’s claws on you, it almost feels like someone just drained every ounce of strength from your entire being, leaving you limp, powerless and empty! It feels as if you’ve been sick for days…as if every cell in your body has declared that it’s their time off, that they need rest.

So, finally, after a long week of struggling to get quality shut-eye, I did manage to get sound sleep last night and woke up this morning, feeling rejuvenated in the mind. It will be a while before I regain my physical strength and stamina though, but, I’m so relieved that it’s a Sunday and the school vacations are on and now, that the husband and son are away on a boys-only vacation, I am actually looking forward to the much-needed quiet time, my soul has been yearning for a while.

It’s time to devote my energies to all those creative things that I’ve been looking forward to, since the start of this year. The art materials will be brought out this week along with the gel pens and the sketch pad. From the corner of my eye, I can see that my #TBR pile is beckoning too. I’m definitely not adding anything new to the pile as I’ve yet to finish whatever is left before May arrives. Have to say, that even with all these really exciting things waiting for me, It’s rest and relaxation that are my top priorities this week, and I’m ensuring that nothing gets in the way for a quality down time, so that I can get my energy back and resume my strength training once again.

How was your week so far? What were the highlights of your week? And what are you looking forward to, this coming week? I’m all eager to listen to you share yours, so do drop your comments below and share with me how things have been for you lately.

Wishing you a very happy week ahead, dear friends.

Much love and tons of positive energy!!


Written as part of our #SoulfulSunday free writing exercise, along with my friend Vinitha and Shilpa.

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  1. Hugs, Esha! Hope you’re recovering your strength after your migraine. Rest first, I’m sure there will be time for the art and books once you feel stronger!

    1. Thank you for the kind words, dear Shinjini! You’re right. There will be time for all those wonderful things. 🙂

      I’ve been forced to stay away from blogging for the past four weeks due to family emergencies and hence the delay in responding to your lovely comment. Apologies!!

  2. Migraine, thy name is sufficient to evoke pain, terror and fatigue. I think the art therapy and book therapy will rejuvenate your spirit much sooner than you think. Take good rest and care Esha. Wishing you a great fun filled vacation ahead.

    1. Thank you for the warm, words, Anagha! April turned out to be even more unpredictable. The vacation eluded me yet again. But, I’m hopeful of better times because that’s what keeps me going.

  3. Hugs, Esha! I will never be able to imagine what you go through when the migraines strike. I pray that some day, some miracle takes place and your migraines just vanish. And, I do believe in miracles, so you never know, this one might come true, too!

    My week was not so great. It left me exhausted to the core. The aftereffects are still there, and I feel the aches once in a while. It feels like anxiety is trying to remind me that it won’t leave me anytime soon, that I still need to work a lot more to get rid of it completely. Thankfully, now I have gotten a better understanding of how my mind works, so I am trying my best to hold on to it. Let’s see who is stronger. 🙂

    May you have a better week, Esha. I am so looking forward to your artwork and some more writing, too!
    Love, Shilpa.

    1. Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear of the anxiety you’ve been going through lately, dear Shilpa! It is very tough navigating these turbulences of the mind, when they fall upon us, all of a sudden, but I guess, taking small and sure steps to alleviate them, until they slowly disappear is the best way forward. Keep believing in miracles, my friend. I do too! Your kind words do comfort me as I try to make peace with my challenges as well. We got to put our best foot forward, and hope for better times, right?

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