The Tree and Me | ThursdayTreeLove 2023 – 2

Reflection: Looking back, so that the view forward is even clearer.


It’s said that self-reflection is one of the best ways to learn about oneself. But, most of us will agree that the act of looking back upon our intentions, thoughts and actions isn’t always easy. In fact, it’s the flaws and imperfections that almost always causes us to pin the blame on ourselves, every time things have gone awry—possibly, the reason why we shy away from engaging in doing so.

But, then, the question is how does one grow, if one is ignorant of oneself?

I definitely think it takes a huge amount of courage to embrace our flaws and get working on them and that only comes from the new insight gained as a result of self-reflection. I’ve been a work-in-progress for many years now. In fact, every time I introduce myself as one, it reminds me how working on myself and being my own (constructive) critic is so vital for my growth.

The learning continues. And the best thing is, you learn to accept yourself, even whilst knowing that you’re far from perfect. It sure makes loving and forgiving oneself so much easier that way.

For today’s #TreeLove edition, I had to dip into my archives. It’s a shot from a couple of years back, when we were visiting the Asian Civilisations Museum, which is at a walking distance from Clarke Quay, in Singapore. The museum is housed in a gorgeous colonial British-style building, where one can explore a plethora of galleries and displays, that is absolutely fascinating even if you don’t happen to be a history buff.

After spending about three hours inside the museum that afternoon, we had come up to this vast open space outside, which had these most amazing circular mirror-ball like installations on display. I loved how beautifully they reflected the gorgeous blue sky and the tall trees around this beautiful open space. The golden glow of the autumn sun felt nice and we spent some time walking around and exploring Clarks Quay before heading back to our hotel.

Self-portraits aren’t quite my thing, but, I must say, this was one click I was very tempted to take.

The tree and me, right? How could I not take a shot?

Self-reflection in a frame, more like!

What do you think?

Outside the Asian Civilisation’s Museum at Singapore

Have you been to this place before? Do share your experiences, if you have.

See you next week with another edition of tree photos.


Joining Parul for Thursday Tree love—a photo feature, hosted on her blog, which she shares on the 2nd and the 4th Thursday, every month. If you’d like to see more tree photos, do hop over to the blog where you can find more tree pictures from across the world.

9 thoughts

  1. Your picture was the best thing I saw today. So thank you. I loved it. That tree, the globe and you. Thank you for digging into your archives and pulling out this gem, Esha. I hope to see you around tomorrow.

    1. Sure thing dear Parul! I’ll join you tomorrow. My post is ready.
      Thanks so much for the kind words, Parul. ❤️

  2. It feels like you are inside a globe.. like in a snow globe, you know. I like the picture, but more than that, I like your words, Esha.
    Self-reflection. It is what I need to do more, especially to calm the storms within, and to accept my flaws and be proud of my strengths. I know how much I need that strength and the confidence in myself. I too am a work in progress. But I guess I need to work harder. <3

  3. I’ve always loved spherical shapes and believe I’d be mesmerized by these beauties. In self-reflection, compassion is just as important as honesty. Thank you for sharing this fascinating photo!

    1. It is unique, I totally agree, Archana. I wish I knew which tree it was, although I can say that the tree was very beautiful and stood rather prominently in that space, enough to warrant a view and many a capture, as evident from the touristy lot wandering around that day, ourselves included. 🙂

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