SkywatchFriday 2023 | Week 4

“Bursts of gold on lavender melting into saffron. It’s the time of day when the sky looks like it has been spray-painted by a graffiti artist.”

mia Kirshner

The solitary spirit of a glowing sky does wonders to the soul.

How little it takes for us to find that elusive sense of quiet contentment in those very things that we always tend to take for granted.

It’s another thing that we tend to look for happiness, almost always in the wrong places.

Sometimes, when we’re too wrapped up with our own petty lives, all it takes is a little trip outside ourselves and look up at the things around us, shifting away from our needs and wants and just learn to be in the moment.

To just be. And if the sky be this pretty, who could resist the charm?

Linking this to #SkywatchFriday, where you will find some amazing sky photographs from all over the world.

To view my complete sky photograph collection, please click here.


10 thoughts

  1. Such lovely sky pics, Esha!! And you won’t believe me, but I never see this kind of sky where I live! I know it sounds rather amusing and silly, but it’s the truth. My skies are clear blue or plain orange…there’s no drama happening up there.
    I loved the quote you shared at the beginning! And your first line, “The solitary spirit of a glowing sky does wonders to the soul.” Ah, poetry! When will I be able to think like that?

  2. What a fitting quote for this sky, Esha. It does feel like a charming piece of art. Something that I would like to look at for a long time and wonder sipping some nice chai.

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