SkywatchFriday | Week 8

It’s been a lot of blue sky mornings for Bangaloreans, lately! Despite the rising mercury levels, I’ve continued with my morning walks regularly, more as a way of being consistent with my morning routine that was in need of a reset since early February!

The fresh air and the morning sun has been a blessing so far and I’ve found the sky views so alluring, that on most days I’ve stopped on my track to smell the flowers or admire how resilient they seem to, thriving in a quiet corner in the most unassuming way!

That’s how I also got to click random sky shots one such morning. I was feeling a little low that day but the twenty minutes I spent walking brought me back to myself, albeit feeling better and way more positive. A few things spiralled out of control in February, so it was a tough month on many counts. Thankfully, some of those things are on the mend and I’m realising how navigating prolonged stress and uncertainty on a long term basis can sometimes be harder on us than we think.

There were days I struggled and there were days I did the things I do to make myself happy. These photos certainly brought me so much joy! Sharing some with you all today.

That’s all for this week, folks. Here’s wishing you all a blessed and relaxed weekend! May you continue to do the things that bring you happiness despite what life has been throwing at you.

Love and gratitude to each one of you stopping by the blog today. ❤️🌸


Linking this to #SkywatchFriday, where you will find some amazing sky photographs from all over the world.

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8 thoughts

  1. February hasn’t been too good a month for me too. And I’ve not been able to go on my walks. It was good to do so vicariously through your pictures. Bangalore skies are so blue.

  2. Great photos, I especially liked the one with the palm tree, and the one from the balcony.

    A good walk and taking photos doesn’t really solve many problems but enables me to deal with them a lot better.

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