My Friend, The Tree | ThursdayTreeLove 2023 – 4

True friendship comes when the silence between two people is comfortable.

David Tyson

These days, I go for my mid-morning walks after most people in our building have left for work. It’s much quieter then and I have the walking path all to myself, to soak in the much-needed sunshine or Vitamin S, as I call it—it’s the one thing that I really need the most right now and I cannot tell you how grateful I am for that. Some days, it’s podcasts that I listen to. or songs—the kind that bring me happy memories. But, many a day, I walk in total and complete silence, just listening to the sounds of Nature.

It’s the little pleasures of life that makes me realise how little things aren’t little at all. It’s these that make our world bloom and flourish through the motions of everyday wear and tear. The walk takes me along patches of green leafy plants and gorgeous red Ixoras. The freshly mowed grass gives off a scent that makes one heady. There is ample space to call your own—I feel the peace seep into my being—soothing, gentle and alluring.

This is when I meet my friend—the tree that stands tall on one side of our tower—looking out, rather regally, while people enter and leave the gates.

I stare at this beauty and wonder what all it might have seen in the last few years, whilst standing still, gently swaying with the breeze or bending before the fierce gales that come crashing on the trees. I wonder how it still stands tall as ever…unfazed, unapologetic about being so tiny in the face of such monstrosity! It must be so brave to be standing ground, firm and resolute, just as Mother Nature intended it to be!

Almost like a sentinel, guarding the tower! And yet, I say the tree is my true friend.

A few days back, I had this epiphany, that the tree is a witness to all that I am currently feeling or thinking, and I felt it every time I walk past it —some days riddled with doubts or concerns, some days weighed down by life’s pressures or some days, buoyed by, my dreams and aspirations…There is nothing that it cannot gauge, I say to myself. The tree is a wise friend, I think, as I walk past it, our souls connecting, while I manage to smile.

Yesterday, after finishing the last round of my walk, I grabbed a quick shot and here goes the pic of my friend, the tree for today’s edition of #ThursdayTreeLove.

This is all for today. See you next fortnight, with another edition of tree photos.


Joining Parul today for Thursday Tree love—a photo feature, hosted on her blog, which she shares on the 2nd and the 4th Thursday of every month. If you’d like to see more tree photos, do hop over to the blog where you can find more tree pictures from across the world.

8 thoughts

  1. Your friend must have strong, deep roots to remain standing tall and surely appreciates you as do I. I’m glad you can be there for each other. Thank you for these beautiful insights!

  2. What a lovely post and so happy to meet this friends of yours, Esha! I loved how you said little things in life aren’t little. They are big because they matter. At the moment, I am happy looking at the pink and yellow around. So glad you joined Esha. See you around.

  3. Wow Esha I loved reading your post; truly felt listening to a wonderful soul; and agree trees are best friends when you walk amidst. I was happy reading and what a beautiful click. Thank you for sharing:)

  4. The tree hears you, knows your innermost thoughts and sends peaceful vibes to help you go through your day with courage and wisdom. Loved your friend, Esha!

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