Onward, to Agulhas! | #WordlessWednesday

Sometimes it’s the journey that teaches you a lot about your destination.


This, to me, is one of the best things about travel. Incidentally, so true for life as well. The journey becomes more powerful as we move on, affecting us, unbeknownst to us, altering and transforming, not just our thoughts, but our minds and our lives, until we realise at the end of our travels, the true extent of the change we’ve undergone. We are no longer the same person, that we once were when we had set off.

The degree and extent of this change then redefine our prism which throws new light onto our path. Nothing feels the same anymore. Nothing is the same anymore. A bit like life right now, amidst the pandemic that has truly taken us in its grips, globally! We have no timeline that will tell us when we can come out of the severely crippling crisis or how things will shape up in the future. All we can say is this is one heck of a journey that has already changed our lives and how we see the future of human existence on this planet. We’ve now become part of history.


A scenic viewpoint on the way to Cape Agulhas in the Western Cape province of South Africa. (Beautiful memories from a trip taken two years back!)



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16 thoughts

  1. True, Esha. Travel changes us. I am not much into traveling. Maybe because I had traveled a lot in my childhood as my parents loved to travel, and we used to go on trips, no matter what. As in I used to get sick easily, but that never was a reason to cancel a trip. I never liked that. Maybe that’s the reason I don’t like traveling much now or the thought of traveling. But I do enjoy the trip when I am on one. Proving myself to be strange and crazy again by revealing my thoughts. 🙂

  2. Cape Agulhas looks beautiful.

    Yes, life has changed dramatically and its a warning for us to comprehend. If we miss this lesson we shall be history soon.

  3. Your picture looks stormy, just as our world looks. We are quarantined in New York State until (at least) May 15. I’ll probably be working from home until the end of May, or so we’ve been told. What world will we emerge into?

  4. It’s nice to go time traveling and re-live these precious memories. That’s what I was doing with my African Wilderness stories.
    This too shall pass.

    Have a wonderful week, dearest Esha.
    Love and light always.

  5. Beautiful image Di..but these days anything related to travel makes me sad than happy. Hope things are fine at your home. Mobile bhenge geche amar, so I have become incommunicado

  6. Beautiful image! I suppose the time for travel in our imagination arrived!
    We have to meditate and travel! What do you say? Could be a solution in this crazy situation?
    Just a thought… 🙂
    I heard today an idea: we live the history, but practically we don’t understand it at all. Of course, I suppose we discover this, after a period of time… 🙂
    Thank you, dear Esha!
    Wishing you all the best! Be well!
    Happy WW!

    1. So true about not understanding the history while it is happening and our role and place in it.

      Yes – when we don’t have foresight we need hindsight, Suzana.

      Living and understanding history are so similar and yet so different.

      Good luck with your meditation and reflection.

  7. What a beautiful picture and boy do I wish I was with you! Do you have any of the virus by you? I hope not. We’re quarantined by our President to stay home & I think they’re going to extend it until the middle of May! Oh well, fine with me… I don’t wanna get sick. You stay healthy too, and stay safe. Have fun on your vacation. hugs

    1. XmasDolly:

      We have quarantine by the middle of May also [the 11th]. Physical distancing and isolation.

      Month by month as the Health Officers tell us from their evidence and expertise.

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