Cloudscapes | #wordlesswednesday

Be thou the rainbow in the storms of life. The evening beam that smiles the clouds away, and tints tomorrow with prophetic ray.

—Lord Byron

Reflections of the sunset sky!



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32 thoughts

  1. Sky loves the Sky Girl and vice versa ……… its such a mutually happy duo 🙂 Beautiful photo Esha ….. the clouds are a show stealer here……

    1. Thank you, dear Monika! Lockdown days get better with some sky views, right? Trying to keep positive and enjoy Nature while we can. So much isn’t in our hands, and still so much else is, if only we look in the right places.
      Thanks for stopping by, Monika. Happy #ww.

      1. Yes ….. birds and sky! Ultimate harbingers of joy for me . We all need to make the best of what is there and not to forget that simple things bring the most happiness. Happy Weekend Esha!

  2. It has been a week since I checked the sky. It is raining and shining, there is so much change, but I did not see it. Your picture is a lovely reminder that I am missing some of the best pictures nature offers.The sky here is beautiful now. I love the lake in this picture.

    1. Totally agree with what Monika says about spending time with Nature.
      It is every bit worth it, Jayanthy to snatch a few minutes to yourself and look outside for some of the most soothing sights that only Nature will provide. Glad you enjoyed this view.
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts, Jayanthy!
      Happy #ww to you and a lovely weekend ahead.

    1. Thank you, Parul. Oh yes, we’d love to catch up with you both again. Come over. We’ll have fun.
      Happy #ww and a lovely relaxed weekend to you, Parul.

    1. Thanks Soumya. Interesting, you say that. Didn’t occur to me until you mentioned it. 🙂
      Glad to see you here today.
      Have a happy #ww and a lovely weekend, Soumya.

    1. Thank you Klara! Would love to know if you managed any click-worthy views of the clouds in your part of the world? If you did, do please share them.
      Happy to host and thanks for joining us every week, dear Klara!
      Happy #ww and a lovely weekend to you.

  3. I’ll join later. It is an error some where!
    Lovely image. I love the reflections, they have extraordinary effects!
    All the best, dear Esha! Be safe!

    1. Thanks Suzana. I am wondering why you are unable to join in. Is it a technical error?
      Happy to know you loved the reflections. Yes, they do look unusually beautiful to me as well.
      Thanks for your wishes. You stay safe too, my friend!
      Happy #ww and a lovely weekend to you.

    1. Thanks Reema! Yes, the cloudy skies definitely add more drama to the sky these days. So good to know you’ve been clicking sky shots too. Do share them sometime, Reema.
      Thanks for stopping by. Happy #ww and a lovely weekend to you.

      P.S. It is a long weekend, right? :))

    1. Thanks, Arvind. Yes, the lake view does make one happy. Some days, especially during these lockdown days, even a good view can bring one some moments of cheer. Right?
      So good to see you stop by.

      Happy #ww and a lovely weekend to you, Arvind.

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