My kind of Pristine Blue Skies

Hello everyone! 

I’m back after a break and it feels so good! How have you all been during this time?

First and foremost, a big THANK YOU to my lovely friend, Natasha for hosting the #WordlessWednesday blog hop over the past two weeks and for managing it single-handedly with her characteristic warmth and graciousness! I must also thank all you amazing people from the blogosphere for joining us, week after week, and for making this linky party so much fun and so wonderful to participate in! Deeply appreciate your love and presence! <3


Now, a brief recap: So, three weeks back, I was drowning in overwhelm, and the only thing I wanted to do then was to disengage myself from social media and blogging. I reckoned that my soul was yearning for a break and perhaps it was all that I needed—a week or two at an unhurried pace to re-focus and re-align my priorities. I must tell you it was one of the best decisions I made! That some of my good friends backed my decision only strengthened my resolve. The rest was easy! 

All this while, the weather has been terrible, to say the least, and the perpetual grey has been seeping into my spirit, reinforcing the sense of doom and gloom, as if things weren’t bad enough already. So, after a fortnight of monochrome skies (read grey!) we finally had a big downpour last night, that went on till really late into the night and then this morning, I opened my eyes to gorgeous deep blue skies—the kind we’ve not seen here in a very long time. Around mid-morning, I paused for a breather, to soak in some quiet and claim my stillness amidst all the noise that comes with busy weekday mornings. I have no words to tell you how therapeutic it was!

I share these pictures (clicked from our seventh-floor balcony), from this morning to dedicate these quiet moments of mindfulness and gratitude for the things going right in life, and all those blessings, big and small, that get us moving even when so much of our lives don’t quite go as per plan. Grateful, that hope never dies and that we carry on, despite the odds! I do hope we can always have it in us to see the bigger picture (read ‘our purpose’ in life!) and not get rattled by the everyday failures (the countless ‘losses’ we all endure) I sincerely hope that even in the darkest of moments, we are always guided by the Light within! 🙏 

On that note, wishing everyone a beautiful, productive and a creatively inspiring week ahead. 

Happy #WordlessWednesday and a great rest of the week to one and all. 💖






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10 thoughts

  1. I’m happy that you took that break, Esha. Sometimes we need it and we ignore the need to fulfill commitments, which never ends by the way.
    The blue sky looks ravishing. But I’m longing for a grey sky now. There were lingering clouds yesterday, then they all disappeared without a drizzle! It’s been months since we had rain.
    Take care, dear! <3

  2. That’s a view to die for Esha (refer to the last pic) and the blue sky with white clouds is the most refreshing thing to watch. While we love the rains the grey actually seeps into each and every thing. I can understand that feeling.

    We are being treated to beautiful sky and heavy downpour this week …… no complains at all 🙂

    Thanks for such gorgeous skyscape as always ………….

    I can relate to the need to ‘disconnect’. The soul demands it when we have reached the edge and we must pay heed to it. It’s really good that you took the break and are now feeling all pepped up.

    Natasha breathes in loads of excitement even through her comments. Welcome back Esha…… looking forward to your thoughtful posts and pretty photos 💜💙💜💙💜💙💜

  3. Those are beautiful blue skies. We have these kind of skies (with big puffy clouds more than some because we live in a hilly area and I understand these clouds enjoy forming in that type of terrain. They sure make wonderful pictures, as you demonstrate. So enjoy, and welcome back!

  4. Your pictures, Esha are the most gorgeous ones I’ve seen all of this week. I love the last one. It blew me away.

    The sky has been bedazzling us too with its wondrous, cryptic hues. I’m bowled over by these precious gifts we are surrounded by.
    Today the sky is serenading us with a fresh coat of colours and enchanting me like no other. The town looks painted and squeaky clean with the verdant hues, post the monsoon showers this morning and last night.
    Thank god for rains. They serenade me like no other.

    What a lovely way to be back from your sabbatical Esha. I loved your photos. 🙂
    And thank you for being my most incredible co-hostess always.

    Love ya. <3

  5. This day seems to be dedicated to clouds. And there are so beautiful!
    The Nature is magical. Thank you for sharing your photos. I’m glad you are back, dear Esha!
    Happy WW and all the best!

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