Art in Everyday Life


“Art is our memory of love. The most an artist can do through their work is say, let me show you what I have seen, what I have loved, and perhaps you will see it and love it too.”

—Annie Bevan


Sharing a piece of sculpture, made using chapati (Indian staple bread) dough by an aunt of mine, who happens to be a trained artist—someone who once nurtured dreams of making it big in the art world someday, but was compelled by circumstances, to reconcile herself to domesticity and give up on them. Now, decades later, she has resolved to bring her craft back into her life by making room for art again, so she’s back to sketching, making paintings and creating impromptu sculptures. These days, we get to see many an unusual piece of art that reflects her thoughts and emotions—including a few that come straight out of the everyday situations, (as in this case!)

Who knew there could be so many ways to welcome creativity back into the realms of our everyday lives?  

If you ask me—“Why do we need art (or for that matter, any form of creativity) in our lives?”, I’d say—art helps us validate and recognize our emotions. It has the power to bring in light and cheer after a bad day, or make us remember what we’d long forgotten, perhaps, even inspire us to do a little bit more in life. Especially true, for those of us who take the time and the effort to get creative after an exhausting day of work. How often have we felt comforted by the fact that there are many others like us who have traversed the multitudes of emotions as we have? How often have we been marvelled by how our art has been a reflection of our responses to a world in flux, where we’ve been mere travellers, destined for an arduous journey with trials, tribulations and learnings coming along the way?

For every artist, the act of creating art is an affirmation that there is always going to be more than one interpretation to an idea or more than one solution to the same problem. Art challenges our beliefs and encourages us to think out-of-the-box, by challenging us to question the ‘whys’ and the ‘why nots’. 

No matter how fragile, art is life. In a much deeper way, art is also a testimony to the human condition!

That little spark of creativity might be all that we need, to fill in the void in our mundane lives!



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15 thoughts

  1. Art is balm to our soul. Art is magic. Art is healing. Art is an act of unconditional love and compassion. And so much more.

    What a talented Aunt you have out there, Esha. All in the family I’m guessing. 🙂

    Have a blessed, relaxed week ahead!
    Stay well, stay blissful.
    Love, light and laughter.

  2. That’s amazing and inspiring, Esha! I applaud the creative mind who broke all the boundaries to create a craft with what she could get hold of! Thank you for sharing this beautiful piece of artwork. Do share more from your Aunt’s creation.

  3. Beautiful. Art is a wonderful thing and it’s all around us, we just need to pay attention.

    I’ve added you to my list of Wordless Wednesday hosts. About time I did that.

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday, Esha. ♥

  4. Bah!! Buju Pishir banao dekhe khub bhalo laglo..kato sab chotobelar galpo mone porlo….tomader link ta khuje pacchina…tai ekhanei post korchi amar entry.

    1. Why so, dear? Tui dekhte paachchish na? Try the ‘Add Link’ button at the bottom of the thumbnails which shows the linkups from everyone. Try and let me know if this helps.

    1. Welcome to our #wordlesswednesday family, Naush! So lovely to have you join us this week. Hope to see you here more often. I’m sure you’re going to love it. 🙂

      Happy #ww and a beautiful week ahead to you. 🙂
      Stay safe and take care,


  5. Sometimes I think that to create and to breath are somehow similar. And they mean LIFE!
    A life without creations is… sad!
    Thank you, dear Esha, for sharing these ideas and the creation of the artist Anania.
    Happy WW and all the best!

  6. That is such a beautiful sculpture! I applaud your aunt’s craft, Esha!
    Art is something that rescues us from the monotony of everyday life. It uplifts our sagging morale and cheers us like the best friend who has only our wellbeing at heart. It’s how I feel about art. Today, I decided to do at least one doodle every day, before I begin any other work, like writing or reading. It feels so good, really, watching the designs taking shape and our mind relaxing slowly and steadily.

    1. I’m so glad to hear this, Shilpa! Didn’t I tell you once you always leave me inspired by your creativity! Go ahead and realise you’re plans. Can’t wait to see them when you decide to share it with us. Good luck with the break. I’m sure it’ll leave you with unbounded creativity!! Much love, dear girl. ❤️

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