A pledge for life #100-Words-on-Saturday Post

Happy to link this post to the #100WordsonSaturday on Write Tribe which is about writing a 100 words in the form of a story, a poem or a piece of non-fiction. This week’s prompt is: Today I will.

(Some honest soul-searching and a long list of things came up, that was trimmed to the basic before this post took shape. I’m glad this has only reaffirmed what I’ve always believed in!)
Image Source: Sayingimages
Image Source: Sayingimages
Today I will:

  • Live in the ‘Now’, let go of the past, and accept myself. (warts and all!)
  • Live in the moment and make every second count.
  • Give my full attention to the person/task in hand, instead of juggling five at a time and stressing over!
  • Savor the moment without guilt, even when I am resting, to recharge, renew and regain clarity.
  • Not be overwhelmed by anxiety about the future that I cannot change.
  • Make small changes to my set routines and add a little element of surprise to life every once in a while.
  • Never dwell on past accomplishments.
  • Think beyond old solutions to problems! (This can dramatically alter my life)

If one can only live one moment at a time, I might as well make it the present!

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