A Fanciful Escape or A Writer’s Retreat?

For some time now, my heart has been yearning to go on a retreat—a sort of inward journey, to reflect upon a few essential things that need undivided attention and focus—a writer’s retreat, more like, perhaps!

I need a break from the everyday life—from those endless chores of looking after a family and running the house, which, in effect, means getting away from all and sundry, every single thing that is a part of my everyday life, even the social media accounts, the WhatsApp groups, the emails, the phone calls and the likes—so I’d be able to dedicate myself exclusively to writing, without having those constant interruptions. Perhaps, then, I can finally finish my book and get on with all my half-done art projects and, of course, get back to my TBR pile and read to my hearts content!

It’s a dream I nurture secretly, to beat the drudgery of my working day. I want to sit in the sun and soak in sunshine, until my dank soul feels dry and light, after those seemingly endless wet and windy days, are gone; days, that now seem to be an inseparable part of our skylines and our lives.

As I’m writing this post, I can see a sliver of the sunlight filtering in through the corner. The sky has traces of blue here and there, but it’s still overcast. There will be rain coming in later this evening, but the occasional glimpses of the sun, this afternoon, is enough to uplift our moods for the moment. A little magic is all it takes sometimes, to lift some of that heaviness from our hearts.

Every now and then, I lift my eyes off the screen and notice how the fading light of the evening sky goes vanishing little by little. The nip in the air is back and I can see dark clouds hovering along the western edge. I promptly grab the clothes from the clothesline, making sure they don’t go wet again. A fleeting glance at my phone reminds me that it’s time to settle down with my cup of green tea.

Oops, did I miss adding a dash of freshly squeezed lime juice? I smile, as I head off to the kitchen. Funnily, I can feel a spring in my step this afternoon. Maybe, it’s the fleeting sunshine that worked wonders for my soul. Who knows, right?

In the meantime, the thought of the writing retreat still lurks strong somewhere within—someday, soon, I assure myself, as I imagine myself, surrounded by the vast expanse of a turquoise blue ocean, in the middle of nowhere, typing away on my Macbook, under a magical sunset sky.

Dreams galore, that nudge me on, to look beyond the uncertainties, that riddle the mind right now. Another day. Another dream.

And so, we shall thrive on our hopes and live for our dreams!


Written as part of our #SoulfulSunday freewriting exercise—along with VinithaShilpa and Anamika.

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    1. I know, it does, Corinne. Hopefully, a few days before the month ends. The thought alone is bringing a smile to my face. 🙂

  1. Your writing about a writer’s retreat warms up my heart just like the Sunshine you have written about. The universe is listening. It has taken its note. Together with Maa Chamunda 😀, it will make your dream come true. Your book will finished to your heart’s content. Your TBR pile will get cleared but then I know there will be more additions to that pile too. And, you will finish them too. Your artwork, unfinished and also the new ones, will get completed and find their way to the walls of your home.

    1. May your words ring true, Anamika! The thought itself is so beautiful and hope-instilling. I’m still in splits recalling your Ma Chamunda mantra. 😀

  2. You made this writer’s retreat sound heavenly, Esha! I truly hope that you get to enjoy such a beautiful retreat all to yourself one day soon. ❤

  3. The Writer’s retreat makes for perfect gateway to cut off from everything common and that can dim our creative light. It’s absolutely true and a conundrum of sort. Absolutely love this fluid writing and the descriptive making for vivid imagery of the sky. What grabs my attention is the mention of the Macbook and it’s on my list next year.

    1. Oh yes, such a fabulous escape from the mundane lives to a getaway of nurturing creativity and all those wonderful things that we never have the time to do, right?
      I hope your wishes find a way to bring that Macbook to you next year. Best wishes.

  4. I so hope your dream comes true someday soon, Esha. With words like these, i am sure the universe will have to find a way to fulfill your wishes so that your talent doesn’t stay hidden for long.

    1. I too hope so, Shilpa. Any escape from the mundane everyday world to one of creativity is perfectly good for me. The mind needs a burst of action to follow through and get all those plans see the light of the day.
      Thanks for inspiring me and for stopping by, Shilpa.

    1. Thank you so much, Debbie. So glad to see you swing by the blog after a long time. Hope all is well with you. 🙂

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