‘Woman’ – A Haiku

For the Monday Musings post today, I’m sharing a Haiku that I wrote some time back.

I love to think of women as strong powerful individuals who have the life force within them to keep going against the odds. The irony of it all lies in the fact that even though the society we live in, praises the strong woman for her resilience and her will to fight back without submitting to the powers that be, glorifying her when she speaks out her mind and flexes her muscles, often that very same society also derides the woman for being too obstinate and unyielding, for being too much, for reminding others where they belong to, for being better than ‘them’ in many ways.

A strong woman does not need her knight in shining armour. She can BE one. What do you think?

Source: Pixabay


She mourned alone,

Wincing in pain, her soul sought

the sword, not the knight.


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  2. I let out a long sigh reading the last line. Those were powerful words. Women have to stand up for themselves not waiting for the society to change because the society is not going to change until we change.

    1. Absolutely in line with your thoughts. We as women need to know that what lies within us is much more emphatic and stronger than we think. We need to exert that strength and become who we really admire. Become the power that we are looking for all our lives. That idea has always inspired me throughout my life. I always saw myself as an individual first and never as a woman. Wonder if that sounds strange, coming from me, but that is how it was. And how it still is.

  3. Beautiful Esha ! So loved it ! Very profound! Thank you for taking me down memory lane !
    When I just entered middle school , a family moved into the next barrack . They were just back from a deputation to Japan and I was so fascinated with everything Japanese !My grandfather introduced me to
    Kōbō Abe, Haruki Murakami and more at a very young age and then into the magical world of Haiku . It was
    during the Heian period of Japanese culture (700-1100) Haiku gained popularity over longer verse . This 5-7-5 syllable , 3 line poem did not use any rhymes or metaphors so for someone like me with a learning difficulty .. it was an escape into paradise . Not that I wrote anything that deserved mention . I will confess it was an exciting exercise but I soon realised that it was very difficult form of verse . So no prizes for guessing why I was back into my comfort zone ..
    ‘Oh in the Mangalore land ,
    Where there are coconuts and !!
    My Uncle Gurudatt Kundapurkar rekindled my interest in Haiku .. with his creativity !

    1. Oh really, Aru’di? Thanks for sharing your heartfelt thoughts here. I know how precious these memories are, for you. I’ve loved Haiku ever since one of my aunts (who used to write beautiful poetry and was part of the literary society in Calcutta) had introduced me to this lovely Japanese form of verse. The result: I was floored. She too wrote beautiful Haiku and I struggled to find ways to express myself through this form. Last year, I tried one for the first time…something came out that I published in the blog! Aru’di, you are one of the extremely talented people I know who thrills in the usage of self-deprecating humour! You will bring out a book of Haikus one day and surprise us all I know. And Uncle Gurudutt will certainly tell you why you should never stop at pushing the boundaries…you never know! <3 🙂 <3

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