When Autumn Came Too early #Poetry

When Autumn Came Too Early
What can one say—?
Even before summer has arrived,
I can feel the gentle sway of the autumn breeze,
knocking on my doorstep,
like an unexpected visitor,
from a faraway place.

I peep in through the keyhole,
to steal a glance at the face waiting by the door,
but all I can see 
is the dazzling canopy of yellow,
overhanging by the boughs,
the parched leaves scattered 
in profusion, in the ground,
and everywhere else.

Wonder, why the arrival of autumn 
feels like a foreboding,
as if it has come,
to steal something most precious from me?
Time shrinks and brings me back
to myself, my book in hand,
the music gone,
A dull pain and an aching sense of loss
of something that I dearly love.


This free verse is inspired by the photo prompt published for #FictionMonday, a blog hop hosted by my friend Vinitha Dileep, on her lovely blog, ‘Reflections’.

5 thoughts

    1. I’m writing without any fear of being judged or compared … writing for the sheer love of it. I don’t feel this brave often, you know!! 😁

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