Watching over the Graves #TreeLove

One from my #SriLankaDiaries, this one is a capture of a beautiful tree next to the tombstones, inside the compounds of the Groote Kerk or the Dutch Reformed Church of 1755, located inside the Galle Fort, in the Southern part of the country.

After a tour of the interiors of the church, I came out to see these tombstones and the beautiful tree caught my eye. I read the epitaphs and wondered how the lives of each of these people had been. Did they live long enough or were the lives suddenly cut short? It is strange that when a loved one has been laid to rest in a cemetery the final stage of closure involves the placement of a tombstone or grave marker identifying their grave. It is here that we are given one final occasion to communicate to the world the significance of our loved one.

One cannot help but notice how the tree had added to the beauty of what would have been a bare stretch of memorials. This was indeed a beautiful place for a final rest.

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  1. That’s a beautiful entry and very similar to Balaka’s entry in the previous edition. I feel trees around a tomb or grave are a symbol of life after death. Or let’s call it presence. Thank you Esha for joining!

  2. I always find graveyards fascinating in a spooky kind of way. Firstly the idea of being in a confined space even when I’m dead freaks me out . I love the thought of my soul set free with the final burst of the skull. And yes, trees are silent witness to so much and their branches seem to offer shelter to those lying below its canopy

        1. 7th night to Sunday afternoon. Joy surprise dilo because last year we had our 20th but all of us were sick with viral fever. Last year er ta ei bochor holo

    1. Thanks Angela. It is really very peaceful albeit a little eerie because of the tombstones. The church is also very pretty. Thanks for stopping by the blog, Angela.

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