‘Tis the Time for New Beginnings

“The best time for new beginnings is ‘now‘!”

The sky might be grey but there is a rainbow out there, that will tell you—everything has a silver lining, if you care to see it. 

This edition of #WordlessWednesday is a very special one because it is the last episode going out into the world, to each of you, my beloved readers and fellow-bloggers who’ve been around, showering so much love and support to this humble blog, ever since yours truly set off on the journey to hosting this blog hop. I thank each one of you from the depths of my heart, for being such fantastic participants, coming back to join us, week after week, and making it so much more fun than we’d ever have imagined! 

As it happens, this happens to be a time when the participation from all you amazing folks is at an all-time high (last week we had 33 linkups for this blog hop!!!) which gives me a wonderful feeling, as I bow out, to make room for my other commitments, that I’ve been keeping on the sidelines all this while. It is time for them to be brought into focus and there couldn’t be a better time than NOW to do so.

In the meantime, my lovely co-hostess Natasha will still be hosting the blog hop on her blog, www.natashamusing.com, so do join in, read each another and have fun, as you always do. You’ve always been and will continue to be a special part of my blogging journey.

Much love and loads of happy vibes to you all, dear friends.

Stay safe and stay blessed, everyone!

Until next time,



#WordlessWednesday is a weekly blog hop hosted by Natasha and yours truly.

If you’re interested in joining, here are the rules:

Post a picture on your blog. It could be from life’s wondrous or wicked moments, your wanderlust days, or simply random shots that caught your fancy.

Your post could be as wordy or wordless as you please! We bet you already know why we also call this blog hop the “not-so-wordless Wednesday.”

All we ask of you is to add our badge to your post and a backlink to our posts.

We’d love it if you read, comment and share the posts linked here and connect with some of the most fascinating bloggers.

That’s all. Join us, link up & have fun!



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17 thoughts

    1. Thank you so much, Ramya. It’s been a pleasure to have you link up with us every week. I hope you can find other amazing #ww blog hops to link up from this week onwards.

    1. I hope they have fun linking up in the other #ww groups! There are quite a few blog hops doing the rounds every week.

    1. Thank you so much, Arvind. Yes, some nature photography is happening from the new place. But the perpetual grey sky is taking away all the colours, so Nature looks very dull these days.

  1. All the best Esha. You will be missed here at #WW but as you said one has to make room for the new. That’s a beautiful & promising rainbow photo. I am grateful that you introduced me to this blog hop. You both are wonderful human beings and I am glad that our paths crossed, even if virtually.

    Best wishes for your new commitments ………

    1. Thank you so much, dear Monika. It’s been a pleasure to have you link up with us every week with your marvellous pictures and posts. I’m so so glad that we met in the virtual world and that our paths crossed. I’m still going to be around in the blogosphere so we will have ample opportunities to connect even outside #ww!
      A big thanks for your wonderful wishes, Monika. I do hope we can meet in person too, someday! Take care, dear friend. <3

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