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Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.

—Helen Keller

Shot at 39,000 feet somewhere between Mumbai and Bangalore! 🙂

If Helen Keller could look at life as a great adventure, do we really have an excuse not to live life to the fullest?

So, at 39,000 feet above the ground, I realised that life looks and feels not very different from when you’re on terra firma. It’s all in one’s mind that one lives, for the most part of one’s life. And, yet, how often we ignore the mind at the cost of pursuing other external things.

This shot was taken during my weekend trip to Mumbai, last Saturday. A day dedicated to taking a forced break from everything routine, for the spouse and me. We caught the morning flight, reaching Mumbai by noon, enjoyed lunch at a popular cafe, met up with a few friends, watched three brilliant performances at the NCPA, spent precious moments by the seaside, with a hazy skyline in the distance, ending the evening with a lovely dinner. It was so therapeutic—that forced break that day—to throw routine to the winds, and indulge oneself by living in the moment and being in the moment. I wonder why we never thought of this earlier? Well, never too late, as they say.

 And as I sign off, I leave you with Paulo Coelho’s wise words—

If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine, it’s lethal. 

If you’re anything like me, waiting for a forced break, please don’t just think about it. JUST DO IT. That’s probably what you need the most right now. There never will be time. We HAVE to make the time for it.


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15 thoughts

  1. Good that you were able to get away for a fun weekend to recharge your batteries. That’s not always a “break” – sometimes, it feels as though we need a vacation from our vacation, what with the planning and the travel time and all. But with the right attitude, a little getaway can be just the thing!

  2. that sounds like a lovely weekend to relax and unwind. We all need a break like that in between the busy routine of our lives. Beautiful capture too.

  3. Oh, your “forced break” sounds wonderful! I will push through the next few days of grading and then hopefully move on to adventures–for a few weeks at least! Lovely sky/wing pic!

  4. We have to make time, because we never know when our bodies or circumstances decide our time is short. Will we have a long list of regrets? Short adventures can be quite enjoyable. I’m glad you had a good time after what has happened in your life recently.

  5. That sounds fantastic but unfortunately I don’t think I have enough of a routine as it is. But I completely agree about breaks and feel my blood pressure rising this morning which started with a maintenance guy showing up 45 minutes early. Now I’m watching the impeachment hearings and we’ve had three school shootings this week and one of them was at my little cousin’s school, so I feel I need to get more in touch with reality. I don’t think I could just do it like you did if my life depended on it…and maybe it does.

  6. They say “If you are not living on the edge, then you are taking up too much space”. Life is so uncertain, one needs to live each day to the fullest to actually experience this wonder called life. Sadly, some people just exist.

  7. Love the Paulo Coelho quote. I’m so very, very happy for you, Esha that you got the much deserved break.
    Your words from today’s post make the cockles of my heart warm up.

    May your days be filled with laughter, music and starlight always, albeit the curve balls.

    Much, much love. <3

  8. I so agree, Esha. We will never find the right time to do anything, even taking a forced breaks. We have to make time for everything that we wish to do. Life is so uncertain, if we keep waiting for the right moment, we are never going to find it.

  9. You’ve packed in a lot in your weekend break than I’ve done in months. It’s always rejuvenating to take a break every now and then. Glad you realised this sooner rather than later.

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